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James Bond’s Rolex Is Up For Auction

Live and Let Die Rolex

Ladies and gentlemen, James Bond’s Rolex has come up for auction.

Specifically, it’s the Submariner from Live and Let Die that managed to saw through Roger Moore’s shackles in the climactic moment—and it’s coming to Christies in just under a month.

That rotating sawtooth bezel is real, although we wouldn’t count on it sawing through any ropes. (You can see from the rear face how they pulled off the trick.) The watch spent the last four decades with the film’s production designer, Syd Cain, and is only seeing the light of day now.

If you’re already burned out on Submariners, you’ll also find a Paul Newman Daytona and a million-dollar pink gold Patek Phillipe—but we doubt either one will be much use when you’re hovering over a shark tank.

(See it closer up on our sister site, Driven.)

Blame it on the Rain


The paparazzi get a bad rap, but as long as they’re on the side of chivalry, it’s not all bad. Take, for instance, this latest infraction by our own Daniel Craig, captured by the intrepid photogs of the Sun.

A brief lesson, if we may: A little rain never hurt anyone, but leaving your lady to soak may cause irreparable damage, as Mr. Craig is surely discovering now.

You never saw Roger Moore doing this sort of thing.

Appetite for Destruction


The internet is atwitter lately over one aspect of the Bond movies you might have overlooked: the architecture.

The UK *Guardian*’s in-house pontificator Steve Rose takes some time out from the usual culture warring to point out all the lovely hideouts the Bond villains have set up—usually with the help of an unnamed post-modern architect or two. It’s quite an education, even if most of those lovely concrete angles are in ruins by the end of the film.

A explanation of Bond's demolition drive»

Bond Issue


We’re pretty happy with the current Bond theme, but there’s always room for improvement…

British semi-stars Joe Cornish and Adam Buxton recently recorded dueling themes for the upcoming *Quantum of Solace* as part of a “song battle,” and the results are staggering to say the least. Apparently some Brits—or at least some comedians—are none too happy with Bond’s new sensitive/brutal side.

In our favorite of the two songs, Cornish ends up waxing nostalgic for the days of Roger Moore, underwater cars and Union Jack parachutes. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Contrast and compare theme songs after the jump»

Sugar Caine

  • Jared Paul Stern

Michael Caine

Michael Caine is one of the most stylish men in cinema, so it figures that he has good taste in music. The English actor, who's won two Oscars and was knighted by the Queen in 2000, recently issued a saccharine compilation CD in the UK of his favorite mellow tunes, called *Cained*; the disc, which contains everything from Nina Simone to Doctor Rockit, is now available on Amazon as an import.

Apparently the project came about after Caine mentioned to his fellow Commander of the British Empire Sir Elton John that he frequently makes mixed tapes for friends like Sir Sean Connery, Sir Roger Moore and Baron Lloyd-Weber. With the penchant the design cabal has for seizing on anything this coolly quirky, you can count on *Cained* providing the soundtrack to more than one event during that men's fashion week everyone's babbling about.