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Natalia Uliasz Is a Professional Coral Reef Impersonator

  • Najib Benouar

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Candace Swanepoel Is Tormenting Her Electrician

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McFly Returns: The dream sneaker from Back to the Future II is now a reality. Do you believe in miracles? [Hypebeast]

The Wide World of Branding


The style highlight of the U.S. Open so far looks to be a remarkably simple item: Roger Federer’s brand new branded ballcap. All the proceeds go straight to charity—hopefully Roger can squeak by with one fewer house—but the logo definitely makes it as much Lakers as Livestrong.

It’s an interesting development—and certainly a profitable one, judging by the number of caps we’ve seen in the stands so far—and we’re guessing this is only the beginning. It may not be quite as graceful as the Air Jordan, but it should serve about the same purpose now that Federer’s positioning himself as the best-branded athlete of his generation. Next time he wants to endorse a line of watches, it may be as simple as tossing a logo on it. And if you wonder how big the logo’s getting, look a little closer: Nike’s already getting second billing.