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Days of Wine and Roses


A great bar is a magical thing. But aside from a few Replacements songs, no one’s really captured the rare mix of folklore and social gamesmanship you’ll find there. So we thought we’d dig up this fantastic Roger Ebert piece on O’Rourke’s in Chicago, which captures it as well as anyone has. If you were wondering what to look for in a watering hole, here’s what you should be aiming for.

The essay’s a few years old, but the nostalgia has aged beautifully. In its heyday, O’Rourke’s regulars included John Belushi, Studs Terkel and a 300-pound antiquities professor named “Al the Greek”—so it makes for a lively read. Wistful too: Ebert stopped drinking in ’79 and O’Rourke’s changed locations in the early 90s, losing much of its scene in the process. Raise a glass, gentlemen.

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Roger’s Adventures in Punk Rock


One of the big upshots of Roger Ebert’s ongoing victory lap is all the cool stuff he’s managed to dig up from his files. Case in point: his never-filmed script for a Sex Pistols movie, newly posted after more than 30 years of sitting in a file cabinet somewhere. It’s no Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, but he still managed to invent a dance called “The Grapple” and concoct a junk-fueled love scene between Sid Vicious and his mother. We eagerly await the condensed YouTube reenactment.

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