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Icon: The Strokes

The Strokes

Once upon a time, someone could say the word “rock star,” and you would immediately get a mental picture of what that looked like. Dark shades. A leather jacket. Impossibly tight pants. All hung on a skinny, heroin-addict-y, borderline-malnourished frame.

Yeah, it was pretty great.

But at some point in the ’90s, rock stars... well, stopped being rock stars. They either looked like off-duty grad students (Radiohead, Weezer) or guys who spent too much time in the weight room (Limp Bizkit and so on). Bono cut his hair, the Rolling Stones became an oldies show, and grunge passed its expiration date.

But somewhere, in a dark NYC basement, the Strokes got together and changed everything...»

8 Notes from the Most Stylish Film We Saw This Week

In the ’60s, Sopranos creator David Chase was the worst kind of suburban brat: he played drums in a basement rock band in suburban New Jersey. While his musical aspirations never really took off (“We were so good, we never left the basement”), Chase turned his recollections of the era into his first full-length movie, Not Fade Away, which screened last week at the New York Film Festival.

In the movie, a Dylan-esque college kid named Doug (newcomer John Magaro) forms a band with some high school friends. Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll ensue. Unfortunately, Not Fade Away doesn’t bring much of anything new to the (already cluttered) table of coming-of-age films. Fortunately, it’s still full of lots of our favorite things: mod-ish girls in Pucci dresses. Curmudgeonly fathers. Shaggy-haired band members smoking makeshift bongs in bathrooms. All in some really great ’60s clothes.

Ahead: our 8 favorite moments in Not Fade Away...»

Keith's Regimen and Fashion's National Anthem


A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood: Please join us on March 20th by wearing a sweater in honor of Mr. Rogers, won't you? [AP]

Teenage Wasteland: Okay! Enough with the Cory Kennedy already. [Everyone, Everywhere]

Man of Letters: Original preppie king, Goldwater Conservative and trad icon William F. Buckley grabs a wing chair in that great club room in the sky. [Observer]

Theme Song: Remember Rock&Roll? Their new tribute to Milan Fashion week is called, "Coke Freaks and Fashion Whores." Sounds right to us. [WWD]

"You'll Never Go Wrong Dressing Plain and Dull": This only works when running for national office. Otherwise, feel free to dress like a Somali elder. [Chicago Tribune]

The Keith Richards Workout: "For me, doing a Rolling Stones show for two hours a night, that's enough f***in' exercise, you know? Then I've got to go to bed with the old lady, bonka bonka. You know?" We know, Keef. We know. [Digital Spy]

Simple Statutes: Oh, sorry, did we forget to post Esquire's New Laws of Casual Style? Here, let's fix that. [Esquire]

Lagerfeld Shoots Homme, Harvey Shoots Halston and More


Dior Homme

Name Game: Glam-obsessed Roberto Cavalli hires French rock and roll band… um… Rock & Roll to star in his ad campaigns. "Rock & Roll"? Really inventive there, garçons. [FWD]

Join the Hunt: _Field and Stream_ magazine expands its licensing hoping to tap into that juicy casual game hunter/rampaging Vice President market. [DNRNews]

The Oracle of Omaha: Is master capitalist Warren Buffett giving Ralph Lauren his Midas touch? [Seeking Alpha, #11]

New Republic: Simon Kneen, one of the many creative directors and designers responsible for Brooks Brothers recent renaissance, takes over the helm at Gap's Banana Republic. [AP via Fox Business]

Inside Hollywood: Jude Law, who has starred in several Miramax films, will star in the Weinstein-produced biopic of Halston—a line now owned by… yes, Harvey Weinstein. [Men.Style]

Homme Coming: New ad campaign, shot by Monsieur Lagerfeld, gives us a closer look at Kris Van Assche's Spring Dior Homme line. [Eye4style]

Box Set: Addicted to Polos? This $5,000 commemorative collector's trunk should cure that—forever. [Rock Box]