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But Who Will Be the Next Ryan Gosling?

  • Najib Benouar


Just when it seemed like this was the year that would see the Return of the Gosling, he went and threw it all away.

If you haven’t heard the news: our reigning red-carpet champion has announced he’s taking a break from acting—and, consequently, the movie premiere circuit.

We understand it’s sad news—step-and-repeats everywhere have been pouring out liquor for their fallen hero—but it’s also great news for a handful of well-groomed contenders. They’ve been waiting in the wings, slowly building their résumés with promising showings of tuxedomanship, casually dapper park strolls and landing roles with the requisite indie cred. Granted, their “suit and tie shit” might not be infallible just yet, but with a few more of the right moves, they could find themselves on the cusp of greatness. But the question still remains: who will rise to the occasion? Who will be there when fights in the East Village need breaking up, or adorable dogs need companionship? Who will be the new face that launches a thousand “Hey, girl...” Tumblrs?

Naturally, we’ve got a few ideas on which stylish up-and-comers have got the chops and how they just might pull it off...»

Jennifer Lawrence Is Making a Crop Circle

  • Kempt Staff

via Doobybrain

Cashmere Is King: A primer on neo-sprezzatura from Luigi Lardini with gems like: “First the jacket, then the rest.” [Fashion We Like]

It’s Patt: His newfound preference for Gucci tailoring has earned Robert Pattinson some well-deserved red carpet cred as of late. GQ shows us his seven-year evolution. [GQ]

H-to-the-Izzo: The Times spends a few hundred words analyzing Jay-Z’s impact on the Brooklyn Nets franchise when it took him only eight: “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” [NY Times]

Behold...: The invisible bike helmet. (Or a cold-gas-filled cranial airbag, whatever you want to call it.) [Gear Patrol]

Robert Pattinson’s Holiday Beard

Anytime you’re away from the office for a week or so, there’s a tendency to let your off-duty stubble grow into a full-scale beard—and judging by this recent snap, that’s just what Robert Pattinson did.

The result is worth a look, if only because it does most everything we want a beard to do. He looks older, has a bit more Victorian dignity (at least above the neck) and enjoyed an extra layer of protection against the English winter.

Our only complaint is that it’s a bit on the Galifianakis side, but that’s nothing a trimmer can’t fix.

How to Pull Off a Black Suit

This note arrived in the Kempt inbox this morning, concerning the state of the black suit:

I was after some advice with a black suit. I want to wear it for numerous parties over Christmas period but I want it to be versatile to wear out and about. To be honest I can’t tell what makes a great black suit from a bad one.

This is a tricky one, as the black suit is the subject of much debate. Here’s our advice.

Our wisdom on pulling off a black suit...»

A Mighty Blow


In general, we try to keep a laissez-faire attitude towards a man’s morning routine, but when the latest issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly devotes a page of their fine publication to the premise of blow-drying men’s hair… we have to take exception.

To keep it brief, this is one trend you can skip. And the exceptionally self-serious black-and-white snap of Robert Pattinson that ran with the piece might give you some idea as to why.

Allow us to explain why…»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Robert Pattinson

mothrpatz_crop.jpgvia Gawker

We were perfectly happy being a Twilight-free blog up until now, but certain suits simply cannot be denied. This maroon Gucci number, shown off at his latest LA premiere, is one of them.

The blood color might come off as a tad obvious at first but Mr. Pattinson pulls it off more like an English nobleman than a dinner-theater Dracula. Paired with a subtle gray shirt and tie, the getup is worlds ahead of most red carpet fashion. And given that the gentleman in question is all of 24 years old, it’s only right that he take a few risks.

As for the hair…that's probably a post all its own.