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Down Low

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

There are few things as entertaining down Hollywood way as Robert Downey Jr. in full wackjob mode. His cinematic comeback was that much more compelling because of all the guns, drugs and jail time he slogged through to get there. Now making waves with his blackface *tour de force* *Tropic Thunder*—and still sporting the '70s 'stache he grew for the role—he showed up to the flick's LA premiere the other night looking like a cross between George Harrison and Robert Goulet.

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Goulet to the Last Drop

Sad news from the world of sharkskin and pomade—the venerable Las Vegas entertainer and charmer Robert Goulet has succumbed to lung disease at the age of 73. A true vocal talent with a near-infinite supply of what his fellow Québécois call “charisme,” this smooth operator was loved by nearly everyone with an ear for music or a sense of humor.

Even with his slicked-back hair, brown turtlenecks, polyester everything, devil’s ‘stache and—uh—man jewelery, Goulet somehow seemed above it all—classy and confident no matter what (a lesson we could all learn.) Through his forty years of service as the self-effacing epitome of the velvet-lapelled cabaret singer, Goulet made the world his lounge.

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