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Event Recap: Details x CFDA Weekender Collection Launch

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Details x CFDA

Continuing their week of revelry, last night the CFDA partied penthouse-style alongside Details for the launch of their second collaboration, the Weekender Collection.

Fashion folk took to the rooftop of the Mondrian SoHo, imbibing spirits from Japan’s Suntory whiskey distillery to celebrate the event. For their second project together (following last fall’s pocket square capsule), they tapped talent from 20 top menswear designers, asking each to reimagine the classic weekender duffel bag. And reimagine they did.

A hand-painted portrait of a WWII pinup girl donning Gilded Age’s bodice, leather handles and gold-pointed studs lining the straps of Simon Spurr’s, and a lesson in schizophrenic splatter painting by way of Yigal Azrouël, to name a few.

They’re each one of a kind, and will be up for grabs on eBay starting June 10 through 17.

Check out close-ups of some of our favorites after the jump.»

The Translucent Tie

C. Chauchat’s stayed under the radar so far, but their recent Robert Geller collab suggests they might finally be headed for some menswear cred. The pics don’t do justice, but if you see the ties in person, you’ll know why we’re such fans. Each one is wrapped in layers of dyed, translucent chiffon. As a result, the colors shift when you see them from different angles—genuinely unlike anything else you’ve got in your closet. You can see better pictures here, but you might be better off just heading to Assembly to see it firsthand.

The Three Sweaters You Need for This Winter

As the show says, winter is coming.

So naturally, we’ve been pulling late hours getting our sweater game together. And after weeks of careful scientific study, we’ve narrowed the whole knit spectrum down to three key items. Between the three of them, they should cover you for just about any situation you encounter for the next five months—including any fishing voyages you may have planned.

And to save you the late hours, we’ve tipped you off to our favorite pieces in each category. Gentlemen, take it to heart.

The three essential sweaters...»

Kempt's Guide to the Dip-Dye


Ryan Plett at you_have_broken_the_internet has been showing off his dip-dyed oxford all week, and it's a sight to behold. The process is nothing new—Robert Geller's been into it for a while—but if you're looking to spice up your old workwear duds, it's one of the bolder moves out there.

So for anyone thinking of getting a little blue on their hands, we've put together a primer on DIY dip-dyeing. Gentlemen, approach with caution...

Kempt's guide to the elusive dip dye...»

Jill Greenberg Is Hiding at the Bottom of the Pool

Jill Greenbergvia Animal

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The Summer Dress Code

Silly Hat

You’ll be seeing a lot of summer gear in the blogodome over the next few weeks, and to the untrained eye it might seem like everyone’s going to spend the next three months in shades, shorts and brightly colored t-shirts.

Not so.

They’re all good things to have in your closet, provided you know when and where to break them out—but in the wrong hands, they're a faux pas waiting to happen.

So as a public service, we thought we’d share the sartorial code we live by during the summer.

Gentlemen, take notes»

Half and Half

Robert Geller Shades

In honor of the Preakness this weekend, we thought we’d provide you with one more pair of shades before kicking off the long, bright summer. These Robert Geller shades split the difference between white-framed hipster sunglasses (see: Williamsburg and/or Silver Lake) and the classic dark framed wayfarer, which means they’ll play wherever you happen to find yourself on Saturday night.

As for the icon scale, we’d file them under Godard...if he’d gone Hollywood and started making formally adventurous action comedies.

The Dangling Belt


Count this as #2 in our ongoing Fashion Week recap. On the docket this time: the dangling belt.

This snap is from the Robert Geller show, but there were similarly loose straps on display at 3.1 Phillip Lim and Michael Bastian, turning it into a bonafide trending item. (That was three, right?)

The trick is using a thin leather belt (kind of like these), maybe tucking it in past the first pant loop, and then letting it dangle. That might involve sizing up a bit to give you enough extra belt to play with, but your reward is a freewheeling grace note that’s unusually easy to pull off. It’s the kind of thing that fashion week stylists do best. Don’t be surprised if you see it on the street before too long.

Smoking Section


The shawl collar smoking jacket can be a tough look to pull off, but it’s pretty much the ne plus ultra of sophisticated loungewear.

Robert Geller’s latest model tightens up the fit a bit, adds a ticket pocket and mixes a bit of speckle to the usual flat black fabric, but otherwise it’s the same item that’s graced the shoulders of gentlemen of leisure for centuries.

It’s the kind of bold update you’d expect on the heels of a GQ/CFDA prize. Maybe now he can think about taking on the velvet slipper?

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The Big Dance


GQ held their CFDA party last night, and there was no shortage of famous faces. This snap caught GQ’s Jim Nelson, Thom Browne and Andre Benjamin in the same frame, and it offers a glimpse of things to come. Nelson’s getup shouldn’t surprise anyone with a subscription—at this point, the slim suit-and-tie are nothing short of a dress code—but Mr. Benjamin’s Bogart-level beltline is one of the few moves that genuinely surprised us. He pulls it off perfectly…but we doubt anyone watching had the courage to try it out themselves.

See more of the scene»