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The Real Winners of the Golden Globes

  • Najib Benouar

Perhaps the best part about last night’s Fey-Poehler-helmed Golden Globes was that all the tuxedos on the red carpet kept it on the straight and narrow. (It’s a trend we’ve been readily noticing for a few awards shows now.)

There weren’t many faults to find in anyone’s tux—aside from the usual suspects and nitpicking bow tie sizes—so we had a hard time nailing down the winners. The competition was strong. So strong that we think Clooney may have been temporarily dethroned from his notch-lapel tuxedo reign. But in the end, there were a few contenders who became champs last night. And it had nothing to do with who ended up on the podium.

So without further ado, the three real winners of last night’s Golden Globes.»

The May Issues

  • Najib Benouar

The May issues are in and we’ve got a mixed bag on our hands.

May can be a tricky style month to predict. It puts us in the late-spring-but-it-might-already-feel-like-summer zone of weather, so it’s hard to know whether we’re going to want to see umbrellas or madrases. (GQ hedged with umbrellas). It’s safe to assume most of this stuff went to print while April showers were still raging (and Derrick Rose was still playoffs-bound), meaning everyone’s predictions were a little off. So, in the name of menswear journalism, we trod through the mid-weight blazers, the white canvas shoes (well in advance of Memorial Day), a few instances of déjà vu and an unsettlingly low amount of eye candy to bring you...

Everything you need to know from May’s crop of glossies.»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Robert Downey Jr.

In this case, the MOTH may be more of a good-sport award.

The picture comes from an American Cinematheque fete for Mr. Downey this past Friday, in which he was honored for his general, sustained delightfulness.

But after RDJ offered some forgiving words toward Mel Gibson and accepted his award, he entered into what seems to be a sustained mugging competition with Mel on the reception stage.

The strange thing here is that, with the loosened tie and the wayward collar, Downey actually looks less put-together than Gibson. But keeping a non-crazy look in your eye can go a long way.

The Icon's Guide to Sunglasses

Steve McQueen

Here’s one thing we like about sunglasses: not a lot’s changed. If it looked good in ’56, it looks good now. So to help you settle on your own personal style for the summer, we’ve brought together some of the most stylish gentlemen ever to block out UV rays, together with the modern equivalent of their signature shades.

Our first candidate, naturally, is Mr. Steve McQueen…

Alyssa Miller is Reflecting

The Second Coming of Schott: What happens when you throw some leather jacket gurus into a room full of selvage? Easily the coolest jackets we’ve seen all year. [Esquire]

Lots of Fish: Everyone is two inches taller and 10% poorer than they say on their online dating profile. Also, out of their goddamn minds. [Gizmodo]

Insecticide: Someone made a portrait of a cowboy out of 200,000 dead ants. We just thought you should know. [ANIMAL]

Trust the Beard: Anything with both Robert Downey Jr.and Zach Galifianakis in it, we will watch. For instance, this trailer. [/Film]

Judi Dench is Looking Pretty Good


Also, Six Other Women: Nine just gets better and better. []

The Augmented Interview: Eighteen surprisingly intense quotes from Robert Downey Jr., courtesy of Esquire’s latest hi-tech issue. [Esquire]

Moc Trial: After declaring war on the half-zip sweater, the new kids of style blogging shine a light on Arrow Moccasins. [Put This On]

I Have Not Yet Begun to Twee: A discourse on airports, sketchily rendered in colored pencil. [The Awl]

Necks, Protected


It would appear the neckerchief is once again at the throats of the stylish populace. Don’t say you weren’t warned

The Cut just shined a spotlight on a new line of western cravats out of Brooklyn, and took the opportunity to call “trend.” Of course, Mr. Ford was on this particular tip long before Williamsburg caught on, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Zodiac look included a well-placed foulard before just about anyone. But we’re crying foul on this particular retro kick for one simple reason: the weather.

The Brooklyn-based gentlemen of leisure are using the neckerchief to protect their neck and collar from summertime sweat. It’s rooted in function and comfort, making it a much better idea than most trendspotters realize. The problem is, it’s August, and while it’s still gross out there, nobody’s going to be gearing up for a neckerchief purchase until next spring. There’ll be a lot of options waiting for them after the thaw, but it’s a little early to start making predictions.