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Learning the Rules of the Road Trip

  • Kempt Staff

Road Trips

It’s been great having you along for the ride during Road Trip Week here on Kempt. (And what a helluva ride it’s been.)

So now that you’ve chosen the most suitable convertible, packed the correct weekender bag, found a sexy copilot or three and slipped into a pair of driving shoes, there’s only one thing left: hitting the road. And as a gentleman traveler, there are a few things you should be sure to know before setting out on this adventure of a lifetime.

Herewith, a few sage words of road trip wisdom...»

Family Vacation Style, Polish Film Posters and an Oral History of Jurassic Park

  • Kempt Staff


Lampooned: Valet mines the wardrobe of Clark Griswold for some solid road trip style inspiration.

Madcap: In case our reminder that Mad Men returns on Sunday wasn’t enough, Ask Men has a refresher course on what happened last season.

Post It: Open Culture finds a stylish cache of Polish film posters that put the stuff we’re seeing on the sides of buses and in subway stations to shame.

Life Finds a Way: Relive the making of Jurassic Park 20 years after its release, with this oral history.

The Knockaround Bag

Rag & Bone Duffel

It’s a safe bet you’re headed on a road trip at some point this summer, and whatever you take with you is going to take a little bit of punishment. So to save your precious leather weekender from mysterious trunk puddles, you’ll want to upgrade to a slightly more rugged bag. This Rag & Bone duffel fits the bill pretty well. The gray canvas is sharp enough to stay handsome through all manner of misadventure—which is a fancy way of saying you can kick it around without feeling too guilty.

Packing Up


We’re guessing there are thousands of road trips currently being concocted, so it’s good to have a weekend bag handy. We recommend something that can take a little punishment and won’t take up too much room in the trunk. If you’ve got some spare loot—and enough of a yen for canvas to make it worthwhile—we recommend this one from Aubin and Wills. You’ll have to pack light, but that might not be such a bad idea anyway.

The Augmented Road Trip


The road trip is one of the most enduringly low-tech pastimes—all you need is gasoline and patience. But if you had an iPhone handy, it probably wouldn’t hurt.

On the Road is a website/smartphone app designed specifically for highway meandering, offering location-pegged blogging tools to map out every last memorable spot for in a 21st century travelogue. You’ll be able to upload pictures, video and whatever musings you can muster via their iPhone and Android apps, or just blog-worthy text messages for the low-tech. Fair warning: This does not mean you’re too cool for postcards.