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Kate Upton No Longer Requires a Swimsuit

The New Jean: Band of Outsiders rolls out denim with slim cuts, shirting liners and self-referential buttons. Of course. [Valet]

Looks Like the Internet: Google’s new augmented reality shades come up for review. Nice tech, but they certainly don’t look like much. [The Atlantic Wire]

Striped Polos and Ennui: The latest batch of warm-weather gear from Riviera Club, including a seersucker blazer. Summer can’t get here fast enough. [Selectism]

Reading Hour: And in honor of what would have been his 50th birthday, here’s 29 essays and stories by David Foster Wallace. [Open Culture]

Club Masters


As you might remember, we left the last round of shows buzzing about Riviera Club, and we’ve finally got a few lookbook shots to show you why. On the surface, it’s another line from the workwear mill, but there’s a more than a little continental flair below the surface. (Exhibit A: the porkpied and neckerchiefed gentleman on the right.) Keep an eye out for these when they roll into stores in August.

A few more looks from the fall/winter collection»

Best in Show


We stopped by GQ’s fete for new menswear designers last night, and the message was pretty clear: the state of the menswear union is strong. Six designers were selected to put together a capsule line with Dockers: Patrik Ervell, Michael Bastian for Gant, T by Alexander Wang, Rick Klotz from Warriors of Radness, Kirk Miller from Miller’s Oah and the trio of gents behind Riviera Club. This afternoon, the judges named Alexander Wang as their pick—but we‘d point out that all of the nominees were in a room with Kanye, which technically makes them all winners.

More seriously, the collaboration brought out some of the best in all the designers involved. Riviera Club proved their fall/winter chops (or possibly their love of tweed), Michael Bastian pioneered something we’re going to call “the carnival chalet look,” and Patrik Ervell kept his inner deconstructivist in check long enough to create one of the slickest heathered suits we’ve ever seen. With any luck, it’ll be arriving at Bloomingdale’s in the fall with the rest of the capsule collection—which should give you time to consider whether you’ve got the panache to pull it off.