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Fare Thee Well, Prince

  • Kempt Staff
Fare Thee Well, Prince

Fuck. Prince has passed away in his Minnesota studio at 57. He was, frankly, among the most talented and original people to ever live, not to mention an inimitable style icon.

Here’s our 2013 crowning of the man who rocked purple velvet like no other, whipped Charlie Murphy’s ass in a game of streetball, played the shit out of a custom guitar and sang some of the most epic songs of his or any generation...

Stuart Scott, RIP

  • Kempt Staff


The sad news came in yesterday that iconic sportscaster Stuart Scott passed away after years of battling cancer.

Today, his familiar bombastic style of pop-culture-infused sports reporting is the industry standard, but when he took to the ESPN news desk in 1993, it was revolutionary. He was a breath of fresh air from the newsroom stiffs and continued to shape the way we look at sports news—and the way we look at cancer survival—until his untimely death yesterday. He truly will be missed.

Remembering the man who was always cooler than the other side of the pillow...»

Richard Attenborough, RIP

  • Kempt Staff


Yesterday the world lost a lion of cinema, Richard Attenborough.

He was an actor, a director, a naturalist, a philanthropist and a bona fide Right Honorable Lord. He headlined alongside Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, played Santa in Miracle on 34th Street, was an eccentric billionaire in Jurassic Park, directed Ben Kingsley in the Oscar-sweeping epic Gandhi, narrated nature documentaries, served as director of soccer club Chelsea F.C.—and the list of triumphs goes on and on...

Not to mention, he was one stylish gent...»

Remembering Robin Williams

  • Eric Twardzik
  • Geoff Rynex
  • Hadley Tomicki
  • Jason Wire
  • Katerina Petinos
  • Lonny Pugh
  • Najib Benouar
  • Nathan Wahl
  • Ricky McCrumb
  • Shawn Donnelly


By now you’ve probably heard the sad news: we’ve lost comedic genius Robin Williams.

His work has spanned multiple generations, genres and mediums—and brought untold joy to the lives of so many—making it impossible to neatly sum up his impact and enduring legacy in just a few words. So we asked some Kempt regulars to share their favorite memories:

Kempt remembers Robin Williams.»

Massimo Vignelli, RIP

  • Kempt Staff


Sad news as word came down that modernist design pioneer Massimo Vignelli lost his battle with a long-term illness yesterday.

His minimalist aesthetic has shaped our lives—and your Tumblr feed—in more ways than you’d probably realize. He’ll likely be best remembered for turning the NYC subway map into a minimalist circuit board of neatly arranged color-coded lines for the MTA—causing an uproar with straphangers in the 1970s and creating a cult classic of graphic design at the same time. He will be missed.

A look at some of his most iconic works, after the jump.»

Bob Hoskins, RIP

  • Kempt Staff


We tip our hats and bid a fond farewell to the man who defeated King Koopa and saved Roger Rabbit.