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The June Issues

  • Kempt Staff

GQ James Franco

Memorial Day might have marked the unofficial start of summer, but since the real deal doesn’t start till later this month, there’s still plenty of time to get prepared.

And these newly minted June issues won’t let you forget it for a second.

Likewise, in our grand tradition of surveying the broader field of menswear journalism, we’ve thumbed through this month’s crop of printed swimwear, whites, lightweight fabrics and otherwise uncategorized eye candy, just for you. You know, in anticipation.

Without further ado, we’d like to present to you our findings...»

Great Moments in Sitcom History: A Eulogy – Part 4

Part One: “We Gather Together” -- The Cosby Show 
Part Two: “The 20 Year Callback” -- The Newhart Finale 
Part Three: “Delightful Accidents and Fortuitous Blunders” – Friends, The Jack Benny Program, Seinfeld “THE HAMS” Lucy, Gervais, Silvers, AbFab, SCTV, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show Ensemble

In a pretty bleak scene at the top of Moneyball, Billy Beane looks on as the stadium crew dismantles a trio of 10-story-high banners featuring Jason Giambi, Jason Isringhausen, and Johnny Damon: the team’s marquee players who’d fled Oakland for more money and more wins in more exciting markets. Once the final banner falls to the ground, Beane is left staring at a nondescript, cement façade -- fractured and ordinary.

At about the same time, the sitcom genre was losing three of its own banners...»

Smellbooks, Gervais, and Our Robot Overlords


I’ve Seen the Future: Uniqlo resorts to robot labor. Anyone who’s seen *Westworld* knows where this is going. [Josh Spear]

Pork and Beans: The discreet charms of the English breakfast. [A Continuous Lean]

The Press Office: Even when he’s doing press, Ricky Gervais is funny. We look forward to a time when he’s doing these every few months like Steve Martin. [Esquire]

Progress: Mankind has finally produced a smellbook. Awe is the only appropriate response. [CoolHunting]