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Six Menswear Collaborations We Hope to See in 2013

  • Najib Benouar

High-end fashion designers collaborating with mall brands wasn’t new in 2012, but it definitely made a big impact on menswear this year—the Gaps, the Targets, the H&Ms went all GQ, Odin and Margiela on the average consumer in the past year.

In 2013, we expect even more high-low collaborations. And since we’re essentially menswear soothsayers, we decided to let you know what to look forward to.

Without further ado, Kempt’s predictions for the big menswear collaborations of 2013.»

The Billow

This snap from Assembly’s latest lookbook got us musing on summer style, specifically the chunk of it that doesn’t come from Milan.

The designer behind it is Greg Armas, a New Yorker by way of Los Angeles, with more love for Rick Owens than Gianni Agnelli. That might put him at odds with the Italophile tumblrs out there, but it shouldn’t—and this snap is a good example of why.

Aside from the Cossack belt, it’s not that far from the unstructured gospel of Pitti Uomo. It’s just looser, along the lines of Alexander Wang and the flock of Japanese and Korean designers that most bloggers don’t see outside of Fashion Week. And on a hot day like today (there are plenty of them in Kyoto), adding some billow to your jacket feels like a pretty good idea.

The View From Paris


It’s been a while since we heard anything from Rick Owens, but apparently Men.Style hasn’t forgotten last decade’s Marc Jacobs. They stopped by Mr. Owens’ Parisian flat to condense his style wisdom into ten simple rules.

As you might have guessed, some of them are better than others.

For instance, ponder this one at #4: “When a suit gets middle-of-the-road it kind of loses me—it has to be sharp and classic and almost forties.” We were with you until the 40s part, Rick…

We catalog Mr. Owens’ wisdom»

They Grow Up So Quickly


Crosby Street, just below Houston, is known to locals for its easy-to-miss Indian deli, Lahore, as well as one of NY's most fashion forward specialty stores for men, Atelier New York. Karlo Steel and Constantin von Haeften opened Atelier New York (originally A.) in September, 2002 as a duel gender boutique but dropped women's within a year to focus on men's wear.

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