Long, Strange Trip: Our beloved Keef gets the weepy video treatment. [FashionIndie]

Watching the Detectives: In the In the Criminal
Justice System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally
important groups. The police who investigate crime and the tailors who
dress them. These are their stories. [ href="">New
York Times]

The Wright Stuff: This Grandpa Simpson mash-up is
about as close as we want to get to national politics these days. [ href="">]

Abboud Face: Meet Joseph Abboud’s newest label,
Black/Brown 1826. [ href="">DNR]

Sensible Shoes: Armand Limnander’s picks for socially
acceptable sneakers. [ href="">The

The Gospel According to Paul: Loden Dager designer
shares his theories on manhood. [ href="">Dejour]

Heresy!: Tim Gunn tears apart the new Polgymaist chic—not like he wasn’t going to hell anyways. [ href="">AOL]

Pabst Can Coffin: And now we can die. [ href="">HuffPo]

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