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There Goes the Neighborhood


Boutiques are always better if there’s an element of transgression on display. Usually, that means putting your wildest gear out front, but it can also mean making the most of an outré address.

Nuzyn, Amsterdam’s latest boutique is taking the latter approach, setting up shop in a former brothel in the red-light district with most of the old fixings intact. It’s a good idea—and, depending on Nuzyn’s clientele, just plain convenient—but what about the city’s endangered red light district? After all, the last thing a house of ill-repute needs is a rent hike. And after the first boutique lands, the strollers can’t be far behind…

For the Winn


It’s important for brands and retailers to stay agile these days, but good ideas have been in remarkable short supply. To that end, we’ve reached out to some of the brighter minds in the business for an impromptu thinktank. If you’ve got any ideas of your own, feel free to let us know.

Not all great minds are bloggers, so the latest in our ongoing series comes from the retail side of the equation.

Portland’s Winn Perry is one of the rare independent boutiques that manages to steer the mainstream from outside of New York or Los Angeles, and establishing a style stronghold in a small city takes a whole lot more than just a good eye for clothes. So naturally, proprieter Jordan Sayler has a few interesting things to say about keeping afloat in troubled times.

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Wood’s Tats, Obama’s Ties, and the Pricing Dam


Writing on the Wall: Evan Rachel Wood’s tattoos come out at the Oscars. [Bastardly]

Fashion Weak: Apparently someone at Fashion Week was keeping track of the more ridiculous utterances. We’re amazed they didn’t run out of notebook space. [Unbeige]

Bold Action: President Obama continues to make neckwear choices that can only be described as bold…by Washington standards, of course. Silver ties? In the White House? [The Cut]

Wholesale Nation: Now that the pricing dam has burst, will we ever pay retail again? More importantly, how much longer can the shoplifting dam hold out? [International Herald Tribune]

Setting Up Shop


As you may have noticed, things are a bit different in Japan. An American storefront means the usual hole in the wall—maybe one with a little history and exposed brick if you’re lucky. But apparently Japan has a little more flexibility on the retail end.

A.P.C. finally finished up their Kita-Aoyama store (with help from architecture firm Wonderwall), and it’s quite a sight. It’s less a store than an all-encompassing bungalow, with a touch of feudal-palace thrown in for good measure. It’s not quite as location-appropriate as their industrial-throwback Brooklyn outpost, but we know where we’d rather spend an afternoon. And if you want to pick up those pajamas in person, we can’t think of a better place to do it.

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Guitar Heroine, Do The Brady, and Crushing on Squash


Picture Perfect: The only thing hipper and wackier than Adam Kimmel's clothes are Ryan McGinley's lookbook shots. [Selectism]

Newly Available: These starlets are all suddenly single. Have at it boyos. [Radar]

H&M is Pushing Menswear: Yes, but where to? [Fashion United]

Pull The Blinds: There's something deeply creepy about Hussein Chalayan's new T-shirt. [Men.Style]

Lanvain + Acne: Equals one very cool, very classy hightop. [Scotch and Plaid]

How to Get The Tom Brady Look: Giselle Bundchen not included. [Valet]

Squash is The New Golf: Yes! We can finally make good use of our super tight shorts! []

Chic Rock: When we boot up Guitar Hero at home, we can only wish things like this happened. [Crave Online]

Happy Campers, Unhappy Tailors, and Wedding Bells


Sleepaway: We've been to summer camp before. If was like this, we never would have left. [The Cut]

We Got The Blues: A denim roundup you just can't miss. [Refinery29]

Pop The Question: So you've overcome commitmentphobia. Here's some suggestions for the next step [Art of Manliness]

All About Yoo: Thanks to his ability to please the, "everyday business guy," and the "Brooklyn kids," Justin Yoo is officially on our radar. [We Are the Market]

Revving Up: BMW brings back the M1 Supercar. Frankly, we're a little turned on. [Wired]

Early Delivery: Even though Steven Alan's Lark & Wolff Urban Outfitters collection isn't supposed to be available for another couple of weeks, you can snatch some shirts down at the Noho shop. We suggest cutting out of work early. [Racked]

Core Values: British tailors are fighting to preserve the meaning of the term "bespoke". Join the crusade! [Telegraph UK]

Assembly Lines, Pocket Squares, and Salma Forever


Certified Classic: Salma Hayek—still beautiful, still badass. [Camel Tap]

British Invasion: Save your pence—Topman will arrive any day [DNRNews]

These Nike Canvas Lows Are Kinda Awesome: That is all. [Hypebeast]

Pocket Protector: The history of the pocket square revealed. [Art of Manliness]

Putting It Together: Assembly, the omnisexual store from one of the creators of Scout, is picking up all kinds of press. [We Are The Market]

Misunderestimating: President George W. Bush tells French President Nicholas Sarkozy of his wife, Carla Bruni, "I can see why you married her". Apparently his degree from Yale was in stating the obvious. [BBC]

Hanging In There: The tie is dead? Go tell it to CBS. [A Continuous Lean]

Deadly Stems, Kate Reads Up, and Atelier on the Move


Book Smart: Kate Beckinsale plays the "naughty librarian," thus setting the Dewey Decimal System ablaze. [Hollywood Tuna]

Presumptive Nominee: Now that he's locked up the primaries, it's time to ask the important questions about Obama's closet. [Brandish]

Problem Drinkers: Sip carefully: these wineglasses can kill. [NotCot]

Movin' On Up: Atelier packs their bags for SHNOT. Gesundheit. [Racked]

Short Story: Ladies give you advice on swimsuit shopping. No banana hammocks allowed. [Refinery29]

Amazons, Wingers, Quarterbacks and Chevaliers


Golden Goddess: Charlize Theron makes our Friday. [Celebrity Smack]

Avery Gets Nasty: Teen Vogue staffers swoon and sigh as our favorite metrosexual jackass arrives at 4 Times Square. [Gawker]

End Zone: In other sporting news, Tony Romo ensures a NFC championship berth by dumping Jessica Simpson. [Celebitchy]

Shopping Spree: The Moment's favorite five new stores. [The Moment]

The New Boss: Dior CEO Claus-Dietrich Lahrs takes the helm at Hugo Boss to refresh (translation, "save") the brand. [AFP]

Fit is the Thing: Permanent Style dresses down the label whores of the myriad style forums. [Permanent Style]

Félicitations, Giorgio: President Sarkozy to make Armani a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. [WWD, 4th item]

Gus Guzzlers, Penguins and a Spot of Tea


The Princess and The Peacoat: Amanda Brooks has a thing for men in uniform. [Men's Vogue]

Okay, Who Farted?: Gucci and Louis Vuitton unveiled diamond-encrusted, WMD-proof gas-masks at the Bucharest Luxury fair because, really, who wants to survive a ricin attack in just any old thing? [Complex]

So? New?: R29 introduces us to our new neighbors. [Refinery29]

Spin Cycle: Damien Hirst shows no mercy to Levis Jeans. And you thought that cow had it bad. [Gawker]

Long May it Rain: Barbour employees worldwide will enjoy tea and cake tomorrow at 4pm to celebrate the waxed-cotton giant's centenary - and nothing could be more just and perfect. [Vogue UK]

Deal Alert: Again, Racked comes through with discounts on Original Penguin. [Racked]