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Let Freedom Ring

  • Jared Paul Stern


There's a major occasion to celebrate for men and drinkers everywhere coming up in December, so it only makes sense to start preparing now. December 5th marks the 75th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition the date that Utah finally ratified the 21st Amendment, ending a 13-year national nightmare saw an increase in crime and alcohol abuse - the very thing it was intended to counteract - while costing the Treasury's coffers millions in lost tax revenue.

To help us get ready, drinkers' rights group the Distilled Spirits Council has just launched an intoxicating new site,, with extensive sections on the history, cocktails, and legacy of the dark years, plus tips on throwing your own Repeal party.

It also highlights the battles still to be fought - such as the ridiculously antiquated Blue Laws that “continue to burden consumer convenience” in many states, as they so artfully put it. In other words, there's still some mighty thirsty work to be done.