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Head-to-Toe Tennis Style from the Icons

  • Kempt Staff


The French Open kicked off this weekend and it reminded us of how tennis players have been, historically speaking, a pretty stylish bunch.

Perhaps the guys on the courts today aren’t as stylish as the ones back when René Lacoste and Fred Perry were chasing down lobs, but if you look at a number of players’ great contributions to sportswear, it’s quite impressive. Simple, enduring classics that still look as good today as they did in the 1930 or the 1970s.

In fact, you could stylishly outfit yourself from head to toe in gear fashioned by tennis icons...»

The Gentleman in White

Rene LaCoste

In honor of the latest crop of Lacoste’s Andy Roddick gear, we thought we’d draw your attention to some of our favorite sports clothing of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. René Lacoste.

Granted, it was a simpler time—before sneakers and synthetic fabrics—but if it was up to us, these tennis whites would still be the dress code at Wimbledon, right down to the newsboy hat. Just call it a gentlemanly handicap.