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J.Crew Goes to Italy, GQ Dives into Spring and Predicting the Papal Conclave

  • Kempt Staff


Crew Love: J.Crew visits the legendary family-run Vitale Barberis wool mill—suppliers of their finest Ludlow suit fabrics—and rounds up 10 more historic mills.

Slideshow and Tell: And now, for the 211 spring trends that matter, according to GQ’s Jim Moore.

Insta-phonogram: Gizmodo contemplates the staying power of the vinyl LP and how their unique sound is derived by how they’re made.

Dark Horse: In case our papal conclave predictions weren’t as rooted in history as you’d like, here’s a rundown of which past scenarios could predict this one.

Style Report: Six Would-Be Popes


The papal conclave: a time for cardinals to come together, shoot the breeze and hopefully put a little white smoke up the Vatican chimney. And obviously, the stakes from a style perspective couldn’t be higher: one of these guys is about to inherit a windfall of papal wardrobe and accessories.

The pope’s job, after all (aside from leading the Catholic Church and telling the Popemobile driver to “open her up on the next straightaway”), is to make as bold a fashion statement as a grown man can make outside of being Kanye West. And then do this on a daily basis (sadly, we never see “casual pope”).

The ceremonial trappings that come with the job—the red loafers, the Ring of the Fisherman, the many, many fantastical hats—are not exactly the easiest looks to pull off.

In the pool of contenders, we see a few guys pulling off daring ensembles during their time as cardinals, while others, not so much.

After the jump, a look at six of the most daring men who could become pope...»

A “Boy-Eat-Dog” World

In addition to crooning love-makin’ ditties, the president of the United States demonstrated over the weekend that he can deliver a joke—even if that joke refers to him eating dogs. Yes, we know it’s super cool for journalists who weren’t invited to condemn the White House Correspondents’ Dinner these days, but we’re still fans. After all, in what other setting can you catch the leader of the free world attempting, and failing, to wink.

Watch the clip...»

Grooming for God: The Payos


With the passing of Simchat Torah, the last of the autumnal Jewish holidays, we thought we’d take a deeper dive into one of the more impressive faith-based grooming rituals: the Jewish payos (which is acceptably spelled about a dozen ways, including pe’ot, peyos, payot and so on).

Our fascination with the payos is similar to our intrigue with the burqa: we’re curious, but also wary of asking insensitive/dumb questions.

So, we did a little research.

As the story goes, in biblical times it was common practice among many idol worshipers to shave only the side of the head. The Jews, having absolutely zero interest in being confused with such heathens, decided it best (if not a little passive-aggressive) to specifically grow out the side of the head.

Thus, Leviticus 19:27: “You shall not round off the pe’ah [sides, corners] of your head.”

But how do they get those awesome curls?

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