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The Six Boots to Consider

  • Kempt Staff


From around this time of year until the ground thaws next spring, you’re going to want a few more inches of rubber and leather between your feet and the ground.

And whether you’re kicking through leaves on the way to the office, the cabin or the pumpkin patch, a trusty pair of boots is necessary. So we’ve rounded up an assortment of handsomely rugged leaf-kickers for your many fall-to-winter adventures...

Here are the six boots to consider this season.»

The Latest International Men’s Shop Openings

  • Kempt Staff


With the news that Red Wing just opened up their first brick-and-mortar shop in the UK today, we thought it prudent to survey the international menswear scene once again.

Since we last checked in, a whole new batch of men’s shops have opened up across the world—from Paris to Shanghai—and we’ve gone ahead and rounded them up for our latest update to your already dapper international rolodex of men’s shops.

Herewith, your guide to the newest men’s shop openings across the globe.»

It’s Tradmericana

  • Najib Benouar

Boots season is still going strong.

And here’s a good curious addition: the 4553 Tartan Panel Boot. It’s a collaboration between Red Wing Heritage and Brooks Brothers that replaces some leather with a plaid oilcloth panel—so you shouldn’t be sacrificing any waterproofing—and will land you somewhere on the boot spectrum between Americana and trad. (Perfect for the sort of boot wearer who leaves very long and personal comments on A Continuous Lean as well as Ivy Style.) It’s a limited-edition style only available in Brooks Brothers shops, so keep an eye out on your next stop in for some pinpoint button-down oxfords.

The Three Kinds of Boot

Bootspic via Ethan Desu

It’s a safe bet you’ll be kicking through some leaves in the near future, and you’re going to want to be dressed for it.

So we thought we’d break down the vagaries of rugged footwear into three distinct categories. Each one has its own brands and its own rules—from the rugged Red Wing to the gentlemanly cordovan equivalent—and we’ve got a favorite in each category.

Ladies and gentlemen...the three types of boot»

Our Socks Runneth Over


You may have noticed this look popping up on a few unusually forward-thinking boots this winter. All you need is a pair of work boots, a pair of large, thick boot socks and the gumption to pull them over your pant cuffs.

With the rise of Red Wing and slim-cut pants, it’s amazing it didn’t happen sooner. The only question is whether it’s actually a good idea…and we’re leaning towards no.

Here's why...»