**Man?s Best Friend:** We’?re referring to the new Lotus Evora, of course, with a slick interior at last? [Uncrate]

**Bloggers Dismayed!:** All around the globe, bloggers are typing away about the downfall of RedLasso, the once brilliant blogging tool that is being dismantled by superpowers NBC and Fox. A sad, sad day. [New York Times]

**Control Your Temper:** Thin lapels finally get a chance at an Emmy. [A Continuous Lean]

**Who Whoulda Thunk It:** Apparently the socks you choose to wear with your suit says a lot about your fashion sense. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

**World?s Funniest Man:** After Dave Chapelle’?s crackup, it seems like Judd Apatow was destined to take over this title. Here?s a brief interview with the 2nd coming. [Defamer]

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