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Rebecca Hall Has Plans for that Table

Ash and Smoke: A fond farewell to the man who made the cigar what it is today—Edgar Cullman of Macanudo. [NYTimes]

The Dance Off: Critical thoughts on the bizarre pageant that was the VMAs. That was easily the second-worst thing Chris Brown has ever done. [Vulture]

The Illustrious Return: GQ arrives with the second half of Ian Velardi’s victory lap, spring and summer. The jumpsuit may look familiar… [GQ]

Well Chosen: If you’re in New York, you may want to stop by this Scoop sale for up to 80% off finds like Etro and Shipley & Halmos. [The Choosy Beggar]

Rebecca Hall is Half Undone


Ms. Hall: Never underestimate the power of the sundress. [The Moment]

Cave People: Seattle’s Blackbird celebrates the life of Dugout Dick, one of the Northwest’s most prolific cave-dwelling hobos. His beard, in particular, was the stuff of legend. [Blackbird]

The Morning After: A troubling survey of your hangover-fighting options. Apparently tea is not the cure-all we thought it was. [Lifehacker]

They Call it Boobquake: Step 1: an Iranian cleric blames earthquakes on bared cleavage. Step 2: a media-savvy feminist organizes a cleavage rally in D.C., dubbed “Boobquake,” to call his bluff. Step 3: a massive earthquake rocks Thailand on the day of the rally. It was totally worth it. [Gawker]