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Timepiece Tuesday: Raymond Weil Maestro Frank Sinatra

  • Kempt Staff
Timepiece Tuesday: Raymond Weil Maestro Frank Sinatra

Legendary musician and man of style Frank Sinatra would’ve turned 100 this year. And to commemorate his centennial, musically inclined watchmaker Raymond Weil made a special edition of their Maestro dress watch. More often than not, tribute items are more about cashing in on a name than actually making something worth wearing, but they did a good job of making this watch thoughtful, understated and, most importantly: something that wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of a Rat Packer.

Let’s take a closer look...

You Are Being Watched


Like any business, show business has a lot of inner workings that they would prefer you didn’t see. Unfortunately, thanks to some loose branding, the celebrity endorsement racket is getting a very public airing.

The lovely Charlize Theron has been appearing in ads for Raymond Weil for a while now, but apparently she had a little trouble keeping her brands in order and accidentally showed up at a film festival wearing a Christian Dior watch. That bit of brand treason may end up costing Theron $20 mil if Weil’s lawyers get their way. Oops.

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