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Janet Agren Prefers a One-Piece

janetagren_crop.jpgvia WBE

Happy Birthday To You: A short essay celebrating Twitter’s birthday as ambivalently as possible. [Gizmodo]

The Tortoise and the Flair: An ode to the tortoise-shell Wayfarer shade. [Men’s Flair]

A Whole New Ballgame: A week and a half before Opening Day, Valet rounds up the best in baseball jackets. [Valet]

In the latest Chanel spot, Keira Knightley tears through London on a Ducati bike, before moving on to more exciting pursuits. Not a bad way to spend three minutes. [All the Rage]

Amanda Seyfried’s Photoshoot Has Been Disrupted by Mice


But Not Really: Amanda Seyfried conducts a nude interview with Justin Timberlake. In light of that fact, the pictures are somewhat disappointing. [Interview]

Good News for Alan Rickman: In honor of yesterday’s holiday, Esky casts all the notable presidents with vaguely sinister actors. [Esquire]

A Thought For Your Pennies: Mister Crew performs some guerilla un-branding: scratching the logo off his Ray Bans with a penny. [Mister Crew]

The Voyage Home: The final leg of that well-dressed motorcycle voyage. Handsome stuff. [Apropos Foto]

Private Eyes: Vintage Sport Shades


In our all consuming quest to keep you looking your nattiest, it’s once again time for our monthly look at your face. Or at least the glasses sitting on it. With the help of our good friends Jordan and Erik from Silver Lining Opticians—our vote for the best specs shop in all the land—we’re going to bring you the vintage shades you should be wearing, one category at a time. And if something catches your eye, just shoot Silver Lining an email and they’ll set you up.

Whether they were skiing in the Alps with a pack of wild bunnies or playing a few sets of tennis with unthinkably small rackets, the athletes of the 70s lived it up pretty thoroughly, and they looked damn good doing it. Their gear can be hard to come by nowadays, but not if you’ve got a few friends in the business…

Ladies and Gentlemen, the best of vintage sport shades»

Half a Ban


We love a good pair of shades, but unfortunately it’s too easy to mess up a good thing. For instance, let’s take an icon, known for its classic simplicity and connection to the past. And then we’ll fold it in half!

They even throw in a hardshell case, which almost makes up for completely missing the point.

Saks Fifth Ave [via Uncrate]

Moscot Love


If last year’s overwhelming resurgence of Ray Ban Wayfarers taught us anything, it’s that in matters of eyewear, everyone looks cooler in old stuff. Earnest Sewn—the masters of coopting quirky-but-classic brands—will take the idea one step further and about a century back, when Moscot’s pop-up shop opens in Earnest Sewn’s MPD store this spring.

Paying homage to the New York eyeglass store that opened in 1915 (that’s a solid 22 years pre-Ray Ban and 68 years pre-Risky Business), the shop will offer Moscot’s Original eyeglass and sunglass frames, as well as two new, collaborative, limited edition styles: the Lemtosh Frame in Buffalo Horn and a new, lighter Blond. So you can take a little chance without running the risk of resembling 1985 Tom Cruise.