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Natalia Vodianova Never Gets Cold Feet

  • Kempt Staff

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Pick Six: GQ has enlisted the who’s who of menswear designers for a capsule collection with Gap, due next month. Here’s the sneak peek. [GQ]

Shoes Blues: A pioneer of the culture reflects on the (sometimes violent) consequences of sneaker obsession. [Sneaker Freaker]

Love Jones: Rashida Jones cannot get away from her #menswear roots—she’s been wearing navy blazers and tweed since age 8. [T Magazine]

Ab Crunches for the Soul: Slate hypothesizes that a new breed of men’s self-improvement sites might be doing more harm than good. [Slate]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Paul Rudd

This is a picture of a happy man.

Specifically, it’s a picture of Paul Rudd at the premiere of Our Idiot Brother, surrounded by four stunning co-stars. It’s a setting that would make just about anyone look good—although the midnight blue suit certainly doesn’t hurt. He even manages to pull off the tieless look, which has befuddled scores of red-carpet dwellers over the years. It goes to show, sometimes affability pays off.

Rashida Jones’ Impression of a Cat

Rashida Jonesvia GQ

The Look of Determination: The latest self-made lookbook combines a purple Phineas Cole DB with a deadly serious life mantra. [Less Gentle Men]

The Founding Father of the Wide Tie: Ralph Lauren sat down with Oprah for her final show, and a few kindly bloggers distilled the crucial info. [Mediabistro]

Mr. X, We Presume: A photoset in honor of Malcolm X’s 86th Birthday. In optical clubmasters, as in many things, he was ahead of his time. [Secret Forts]

The Greatest Actress in the World: Visual proof of Kirsten Dunst’s acting talents, in gif form. Not to be missed. [Four Four]