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Candice Swanepoel Still Won’t Admit She’s Lost

  • Kempt Staff

Lovebirds: Bellerose is back with more of the same awkward ornithological lookbooking. [Esquire]

Velvet Fever: GQ spends a moment with Justin Bieber to dissect his leather-tank-topped, drop-crotched and studded-slippered getup at the AMAs. [GQ]

Gangsta Chap: Leave it to Put This On to dig up this video of a rapping dandy. [PTO]

Stone Cold: The blokes at Esky across the pond have got a sneak peek at some never-been-seen Rolling Stones photos from when they bunked up at that French villa. [Esquire UK]

Petra Nemcova has been stranded on this beach since 2003

  • Najib Benouar

The Roger Ebert Of Rap: We sat through all the broadsheet journalist fat-chewing over Watch The Thrown's braggadocio and income-gap rap, but all along we just wondered how Ghostface Killah felt about the whole thing. [Big Ghost Chronicles]

The P.Diddy Of Prep: Ralph Lauren goes for a name change. Drops the Polo prefix. [Selectism]

What You're Watching This Weekend: With the arrival of 30 Minutes or Less, Vulture declares this the summer of raunch-com and conducts an empirical study on the seven raunchiest of 2011. [Vulture]

Your Weekly Dose Of Tie Porn: Courtesy of Mr. Mort. [Mr. Mort]

Karl Lagerfeld’s Pirelli Calendar is Surprisingly Tasteful

Horsemen: A history of the unlikely love affair between Ralph Lauren and 90s hip-hop. [XXL]

Shoe Lust: Grenson’s online shop opens for business. UK pricing and tasteful broguing abound. [Sartorially Inclined]

We Assume He’s Well-Dressed: A peek into a newly minted archetype: the gentleman hacker. Basically the Scarlet Pimpernel with an iPhone. [TechCrunch]

Internet Rules Everything Around Me: And just because it’s Friday: a semi-satirical guide to becoming fabulously wealthy on the internet. Hey, we’ll give it a shot… [Fast Company]

The Case Against Kanye West


Kanye’s having a good month. Between an awesome video, a career-peak album and a surprisingly lively beef with a former president, he’s crushing just about everything in his path. In the midst of the hitting streak, the chaps at Esquire are rolling out a full-throated endorsement of all things ‘Ye. To hear them tell it, he’s the fashion icon of our times, restlessly sifting through the styles of the day and making it all his own, one look at a time.

It’s a good case…but we’re not buying it. And not just because of his mullet period.

The case against Kanye West»

Minka Kelly Loves Going to the Optometrist

Strange Bedfellows: Chronicling the strange, one-sided love affair between Ralph Lauren and the Dipset rap crew. [Sartorially Inclined]

The Vintage Life: Steven Alan tears through the Rose Bowl Flea with the relentless determination of an assassin. [A Continuous Lean]

The Kids Are All Right: A heartfelt defense of millenials. It would be better condensed to under 140 characters, but nobody’s perfect. [Fast Company]

King Solomon: And in honor of Solomon Burke, here’s a little exit music. [YouTube]

Cameron Russell had Nothing to do With Starting That Fire

Men of Style: Tommy Ton continues to track down the best-dressed men in Milan for a candid snap. Killing it. [GQ]

From the Foreign Correspondents: The big menswear trend to emerge from Pitti Uomo: waterproof blazers. +J wins again. [Esquire]

MC Hammer is Well-Represented: Complex counts down the 50 least hip-hop moments of all time. [Complex]

We’re In It for the Deerstalker Caps: A gentleman’s guide to Sherlock Holmes. [AV Club]

Vinyl Archeology


Trivia and geekery have flourished on the internet since the DARPA days, but one species of obsessive may be finally getting his flash-enabled due: the cratedigger.

WhoSampled (hat tip) is a site specializing in tracing rap samples to their original sources. So if you type in “D’Evils,” and you get pointed back to the Allen Toussaint song where the piano riff began life. And if you were wondering exactly how many producers had taken cuts from Isaac Hayes, this would be the best place to find out.

It’s trivia, and not obviously useful, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a few 90s rap fans were accidentally converted to the gospel of 70s soul.



It looks like Pittsburgh’s finest loop digger is back again.

After making a smash two summers back with his first album *Night Ripper*, Girl Talk has released another semi-legal collection of pasted-together hooks and old school beats. And for this one, titled *Feed the Animals*, he’s decided to pull a Radiohead, making it available online for whatever his fans want to pay.

More on *Feed the Animals*»