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Pop Up Flea Goes Fourth

Pop Up Flea

It’s that time of year again.

Tomorrow morning, the Pop Up Flea returns for a weekend of Americana and earnest camaraderie—brought to you by Michael Williams and our esteemed Editorial Director Randy Goldberg.

As anyone who’s stopped by can tell you, it’s a great place to pick up gifts or meet the people behind a few of our favorite brands. (They’re actually really nice, it turns out.) The address is 159 Bleecker St—and to give you an idea of what you’ll find there, we’ve got a video introduction and a brand list after the jump.

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The Pop Up Flea Rides Again


Late autumn can only mean one thing…

The frenzy of menswear known as the Pop Up Flea is returning for a third incarnation next weekend at Open House Gallery—courtesy of ACL’s Michael Williams and Kempt’s own Randy Goldberg—and we thought we’d give you an early nod as to what you can expect to find there. For starters, we predict vintage baseballs, motorcycle jackets and more handsome leather goods than you can shake a two-inch belt at. But really, that’s just the beginning…

See the full list of brands after the jump»

Work, Wear, Repeat


Our love of workwear finally made it into print today, with an article in the New York Observer quoting both our esteemed editorial director Randy Goldberg and Continuous Leaner Michael Williams.

Of course, Kempt’s contribution to the article—“there’s something stylish about the idea of punching the clock and feeling like the average American man”—was delivered from the deck of the Kempt yacht, while we bathed in cognac and ate strawberries covered in gold.

Ah, the blogging life.