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Raw Denim, Minus the Indigo

With spring almost here, it’s time to work some brighter hues into your day-to-day—and as if on cue, Raleigh Denim has arrived with a pair of jeans that does just that.

It’s the same classic Cone selvage minus the indigo wash (aka the blue part), which leaves you with a hazy off-white. They’re a little more rustic than the bleached white you’ll see in most spring jeans, more upstate than uptown—but depending on the kind of spring you’ve got planned, that might be just what’s required.

And like all Raleigh Denim, they’re individually signed and numbered at the factory...just in case you forget where they came from.

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A Closer Look at Unionmade Indigo

California's Unionmade just unveiled a serious gift to the world’s denim-heads—an 18-piece collection assembled with some of menswear’s best brands (Unis, Farm Tactics and Raleigh Denim for starters) and a lustworthy quantity of 10.5 oz Cone Mills selvedge canvas.

It’s called Unionmade Indigo--and in the interest of getting behind the denim, we sat down with manager Spencer Lemon for a tour of the goods.

A Q&A on indigo, pea coats and the secrets of Japanese denim…»

Beyond Denim

Raleigh Denim

Raleigh Denim is a hallowed name for most denim aficionados, so it’s good to see them putting the fabric to a few new uses.

This fall sees their first full-scale men's collection, including lighter dyes like the one at left, but also sweaters, bags and a few extremely handsome ties. It’s pretty minimalist stuff—especially after a week of watching runway shows—but that’s what Raleigh Denim does best. And seeing the same fabric-focused take on a fall sweater (or a pair of white jeans) is definitely cause for excitement.

If you’re curious to see it in person, it’s all at The Curatory in Raleigh now, and should be landing at Barney’s Co-op any day.

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Turning Red


Raleigh Denim jeans have been a fixture at Barneys for a while, thanks to an unusually patient approach to craft, but by our lights all that loom and dye work looks even better without the indigo.

This pair of jeans swaps dark blue for a clay color, resulting in the whiskey-drinking cousin of the Nantucket Red. It’s made from selvedge canvas denim and hand-stamped, so it should still be rugged enough to justify the boutique price tag. You’ll still want to try out all those raw denim tricks, but all those wear patterns will be working themselves out on a new backdrop.

And it should go a little better with that chambray shirt.