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Santa Goes #Menswear

  • Kempt Staff


We’ve long championed the idea of wearing a daily uniform that reflects your personal style, and Old St. Nick has been doing it for centuries (luckily, this is the only time of year you can get away with a red velvet suit).

But the fine folks at Joint London imagined what Papa Noel might wear if he woke up this holiday season in a style rut and decided to try on some Alexander Wang, or Saint Laurent, or Martin Margeila...

And just in case you’re still looking for the perfect holiday cards, these hilariously spot-on illustrations can be downloaded and printed—check them out.»



The goal of collaborations is usually to point up the brands strength’s with a few new ideas, but it looks like Raf Simons was feeling a little restless when he took on the Doc Marten. And it’s fair to say the work boot never knew what hit it.

The resulting high-top ditches construction-worker grit for playfully useless gold sheen, swaps punk for glam, and generally embraces excess for excess’s sake. The general population should feel free to give these as wide a berth as possible, but if you’re part of Kanye’s entourage…your new shoes are in.

Get Loose


Loose-knit fabrics were one of the biggest trends to emerge from this season’s capsule show, and while we got a tiny taste of it with Raf Simon x Fred Perry’s S/S 09 collection, we’re now ready to upgrade it to a full blown happening.

This version is from Raf Perry’s Fall/Winter line, but we’d say approach it with caution. If you’re an undershirt type, you’re going to have a lot of glaring white peeking through…and even if you aren’t, you might have to worry about a few chest hairs making a break for it. It’s a good look if you can pull it off, but it’s not for everyone.

A more accessible option…»

Riff Raf


Raf Simons and Fred Perry are two of the most youth-obsessed names in menswear, so it makes sense that they’d come up with something interesting together. We just didn’t expect it to be so colorful…

This is their second collaboration (for S/S 09) and we have to say, the oranges and blues won us over. It might be the Seu Jorge-ish model, but this line nails the City of God look better than anything we’ve seen. Maybe Brazil is finally making its mark on menswear.

But mind the loose weave if don’t happen to be in a Brazilian climate.

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Draft Day, Dour Preppies, and Gratuities

hakeem_and_stern.jpgHakeem and Stern's Stache

Draft Dodge: Pull your girl in tight as you watch the NBA draft—there's fashion afoot. [Sporting News]

Wild Life: The habits and interests of Kim Jones, desinger for Alfred Dunhill, sound more like an issue of National Geographic than GQ. [The Moment]

Back in Black: Raf Simons plus Fred Perry equals some very dour preppies. [Fashion Indie]

Penny Pincher: Here's some tips on tipping—you cheapskates. [Art of Manliness]

Vandals, Liars, Jokers and Dividers


Easy Marc: Fake Marc Jacobs ads come from real jokers. [Forbes]

The Great Divide: H+M line *Divided* opens it's first standalone store in the English-speaking world. No news yet on a US location. [Vogue UK]

Monarchist Republic: In other Brit boutique news, The Banana Republic opens it's first store in England. No news yet on a US location. [Telegraph UK]

Vandalism: We might just have to break some windows and steal these new Raf Simons boots. [Hypebeast]

"From Caped Crusaders to Hoodies": Sounds like Middle School to us. No, seriously, read on. [WSJ]

Board Liar: Some clever jasper was fronting like he was a board member of the Gucci Group. Why didn't we think of that? Might have had something to do with 20 years of hard time. [DNRNews]

Fred's Flair: Are you properly dressed for Fred Rogers Sweater Day? [Huffington Post]

Fashion Police: India has banned "Fashion Television" (which, frankly, we thought had been cancelled years ago). Next time you're watching models traipsing down a runway on the tube, just remember how lucky you are to be an American. [MeriNews]

Sweating The Times, Steven Sale, Rude Boys, Raf is Busy

Pit Stop: The paper of record delves deep into the world of the underarm, weighing the pros and cons of antiperspirants. We, ourselves, sweat Dior Homme. [NYTimes]

Best Buy: Racked deals up an 80% off sale at Steven Alan. Run! [Racked]

Lagos Calling: Nerve's scandalicious photog Seige (Clayton James Cubitt) captures the collision of African and Rude Boy style. [Clayton Cubitt Online]

Simons Hits the Streets: Jil Sander designer Raf Simons hooks up with Brit sportswear line Fred Perry one week after inking a deal with Eastpak. [WWD]

Last Season's Girl: Woman doesn't buy new clothes for an entire year. Hell freezes. Heavens fall from sky. [The Independent]

Bblessing SSample SSale


One of SoHo’s best specialty boutiques for menswear since April ‘06, BBlessing (say: “Blessing,” the first “B” is a nod to the owners’ previous retail project, BBS Tokyo) has an offsite sample sale over the next two days.

There’s still 8+ full rails to sort through after friends and family picked over 4 seasons of button downs, blazers, coats, trenches, trousers, knits, and $80 jeans from the store’s amazing designer group (see flyer). In terms of sizing, the bulk is 30-34 waist bottoms and M/L for tops. It’s also the first time that the house label’s hoodies and tops have gone the way of the discount; the line will expand into ready-to-wear for Spring/Summer ‘08.

5 Crosby Street is Bblessing buyer Josh Safalow’s showroom space and easy to find from Canal or Spring St. stations.

The Sale Leaflet: