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Penélope Cruz Is Redecorating

  • Kempt Staff

Très Brooklyn: The Cut talks with the French founders of Brooklyn We Go Hard about the mysticism of their namesake borough and their take on Parisian-Brooklyn style. [The Cut]

I’m on a Boat: A white-knuckle account of a reporter aboard a racing yacht during the America’s Cup. [NY Times]

Say Yas: Catching up with Yasuto Kamoshita, the jetsetting creative director of culty brand United Arrows. [The Window]

Swaggy Swag: Our pals over at Driven get a head start on the giving season with this slick gift guide—you might want to do some self-gifting as well. [Driven]

Live Fast, Die Old: An Obit to Aspire To

  • Najib Benouar

You only live once.

It’s been a good while since we’ve seen a better example of a life well-lived than John Cooper Fitch, who died at age 95 this week. We can only hope our New York Times obit reads like this.

Fitch was a fighter pilot who survived being shot down. Then he went on to be a successful race car driver—after racing yachts. Fitch socialized with royals—he was kissed by Evita after he won the 1951 Grand Prix of Argentina, and the best line of his obituary might be this one:

He liked to tell the story of how he met the Duke of Windsor at one soiree: they were relieving themselves on a bush at the time. The duke became a friend.

Fitch also was a leader in automobile safety; he invented the impact-softening barrels ubiquitous on highway off-ramps to this day, credited with saving 17,000 lives. He was even tapped to design a Chevy sports car, which led to him being “Nadered” before the term had been invented—Ralph was a consumer advocate at the time and pushed Chevy to stop production. The way this philosopher/Ricky Bobby summed it all up: “I always needed to go fast.” Needless to say, it’s worth a read.

And worth reconsidering the notion of “live fast, die young.”

Cintia Dicker Has a Well-Rounded Bucket List

  • Kempt Staff

A Wicked Jump Shot: An oral history of White Men Can’t Jump on the 20th anniversary of its release. So many gems. [Grantland]

Game Changer: Paul Ryan has ditched the sloppy, tieless suiting for a better-fitting, inoffensive polo. [Esquire]

Salty Hogs: A dispatch from Bonneville Speed Week, where hundreds of speed demons attempt to break land speed records atop the Utah salt flats. [Nowness]

The Number 14 Is Unfunny: How Catch-18 became Catch-22 and other pivotal moments in great editing. [The Atlantic]

Tracy Spiridakos Is Not on the Couch

  • Kempt Staff

Freudian Slipcover: GQ introduces the world to J.J. Abrams’s newest starlet, Tracy Spiridakos. Followed by a brief explanation of who she is. [GQ]

On a Roll: How to properly roll your sleeve in a politely disheveled manner. [Style Girlfriend]

Beer and Khakis: 10engines has found the ultimate style icon for those who’d rather forgo shorts in summer: Bad News Bears coach Morris Buttermaker. [10engines]

He Deserves a Medal: Mickey Rourke claims to have won a footrace against Usain Bolt. At 4am. We’re inclined to believe him. [Yahoo Sports]

Kate Upton Wrote a Song About Her Bikini

  • Najib Benouar

via Beach Bunny

Shorts Illustrated: Menswear always looks better in pencil form—courtesy of N’East Style. [Well Spent] Reporting Live from Turn 3: At the Indy 500, “where irresponsible behavior is mandatory and clothing is optional.” [Grantland]

Casting Dept.: In case you ever end up on the wrong end of a ski trip: Men of Habit digs up an old editorial spread featuring well-heeled men wearing casts. [Men of Habit]

Where Brooklyn’s At: A new form of urban cartography: mapping NYC by the stomping grounds of famous rappers. [A Very Small Array]

In Which a Jetpack Races a Car

We’ve been jetpack aficionados since The Rocketeer, but for the most part, science has not obliged us. Great minds have been pushing against the idea since the ’60s, but the dream of a backpack-powered commute has yet to be realized.

But as of this week, we’ve got the next best thing: a jetpack racing a car.

It took place on 400 meters of the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, against a Renault Mégane RS. The pack in question only has 30 seconds of fuel, so it had to be a short race—but it’s still one of the coolest things we’ve seen all year.

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The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties - Part 4

Alfonso de Portago

Part One -- Death of The Original Playboy: Gunter Sachs, Porfirio Rubirosa Part Two -- Style & Grace: Gianni Agnelli, “Baby” Pignatari, Alessandro “Dado” Ruspoli, 9th Prince of Cerveteri. Part Three – The Americans: Howard Hughes, John. F. Kennedy

Part Four: “Easy on the Curve”

In this five-part series, Kempt celebrates “The Original Playboys” of the jet set era – a self-proclaimed ‘elite breed of professional pleasure seekers’ who fascinated the world. Part four highlights two men who went hard and fast right up until the very end (which came all too soon): Alfonso de Protago and Prince Aly Khan.

Read more on the fast-living playboys…»

Astrid Berges-Frisbey is Confounded By Her Bedspread

Astrid Berges-Frisbeyvia WBE

The Pinup: That Emma Stone seems like a nice girl. [Vanity Fair]

Sir Jackie: A handy guide to Jackie Stewart, an icon of 60s-era F1 racing. See you in Monaco… [Driven]

Shoes, Glorious Shoes: The Bengal Stripe infiltrates the dark seedy world of the Loake cobbling factory. (Ok, it’s neither dark nor seedy.) [The Bengal Stripe]

Under the Brim: A radio-powered look at New York’s iconic J. J. Hat Center. Handsome, as ever. [WNYC]

The Dogs of Spring

  • Najib Benouar


We know, there’s a lot going on in the wide world of sports right now. And even though you’re probably balancing your time between keeping an eye on spring training, scouting the combines and predicting early sleepers for your NCAA bracket, we’d be remiss not to alert you of arguably the year’s most intense sporting event: the Iditarod 2011.

Allow us to elaborate»

Silver Rocket


So far, hydrogen cars haven’t been much good for consumer use, but they’re always game for a little green PR. And, as we just discovered, they can go very very fast. This one just got up to a hair shy of 200mph on the western salt flats. It’s a record for H2, but a little short of the 760mph you can get up to if you’re willing to resort to jet fuel. Not to say we wouldn’t mind a speed trial or two…

Always On Time


Steve McQueen’s gotten a lot of cred as a style icon in the past few years, but memorabilia has been pretty hard to come by.

But a few of his more iconic items are going on the block, specifically a pair of his prized racing watches. This HEUER Monaco might be our favorite watch in the world. It’s a relic of the European racing culture McQueen loved, and they genuinely don’t make them like this anymore.

Of course, a $10,000 starting price will give anyone second thoughts, but it’ll be interesting to see who comes away with it.