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The Big Picture: Pablo Picasso

  • Najib Benouar

On the day that would’ve marked Pablo Picasso’s 131st birthday (as legend has it, he was thought to have been born still, until a visitor’s cigar smoke blew onto the newborn’s face and he cried out to everyone’s surprise), we’d like to take a moment to salute the legendary artist, Under 5′7″ All-Star and boat shirt aficionado with a few iconic photos and noteworthy words of wisdom.

Remembering Pablo Picasso, in his own words...»

Buster Keaton’s Porkpie Hat, in His Own Words

Buster Keaton and Jackie Cooper match hats (and expressions) in 1932.

Few things are more precise than the fit of a good hat—the contour, the brim, the insulation (or lack thereof), the dexterity, the elasticity and so on. For Buster Keaton, though, the most important attribute of his iconic porkpie hat was its “mortality.” For more on the matter, we turn it over to Buster himself, as quoted at the Movieland Wax Museum on May 7, 1964.

“In those days, almost every comedian you saw affected a derby hat...”»

Bond Mots

  • Najib Benouar

Today in breaking Skyfall news: Daniel Craig divulges to the Washington Post, “I’m so camp in this one, I’ve gone quite far.” (Previously, all we had to go on was this photo.) And we’re not sure how we feel about it—lest you forget, he was cast as a grittier Bond in an effort to course-correct the franchise to better fall in line with the darker, less verbose Bournes and Batmans of the new millennium. And it’s been working for him quite well.

Nevertheless, the news reminded us of the Bond of yore: always at the ready with an innuendo-laced quip while dispatching a henchman or romancing the likes of Pussy Galore, Holly Goodhead or the fated-for-one-post-coital-pun Dr. Christmas Jones. It’s what’s defined Agent 007 for the better part of his film existence—meaning they’ve got a lot of material to lean on. So we dug up a possible sampling of what’s to come and distilled it down to...

These five choice James Bond zingers.»