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The Enduring Appeal of Blue Suede

You can never own too much blue suede, especially when we’re heading into sockless territory. And if you want something more adventurous than a boat shoe, we may have a few ideas—starting with this moccasin.

It’s from Quoddy, the go-to for Americana-soaked moccasins, but the combination of that blue suede and the red brick soul bring it into more sophisticated territory. And no matter how pale your ankles are, they’re going to look pretty good set against that shade of blue. Just keep them far, far away from socks.

The Next-Level Moccasin


There’s a whole class of footwear designed to be worn sockless on hot summers, and while the boat shoe was certainly the favorite of 2009, we’ve got high hopes for moccasins this time around. This pair of Quoddys is a pretty good explanation of why. It’s pretty chunky as far as summer shoes go, but the raw leather and oversized hardware give it a Hiawatha vibe that’s hard to resist—even if you don’t have a forest nearby. Better yet, the inner sole will conform to your foot as you break it in, so you’ll have an extra incentive to leave your socks at home.

To the Limit


As heritage brands go, Quoddy has managed to keep its cred the old fashioned way: lots of small runs and lots of good shoes. The latest crop of Maliseet oxfords just landed at Winn Perry with a limited run in dark brown. They’ve also got the classic peanut-colored Maliseets and a navy and red brick sole version for the hip crowd, but something about the words “limited run” always gets our attention…

In the Factory


We have a sentimental weakness for factory tours here at Kempt. And when combined with our sentimental weakness for trail moccasins, it’s just about irresistible.

All Plaidout (via Hypebeast) just posted an indepth tour of Quoddy’s Lewiston, ME headquarters, giving us a secondhand peek at exactly what hand-stitching entails.

The biggest surprise is the tiny device they use to measure the gauge of each stitch. Of course, you’ve got to keep that kind of detail in check…but who knew they used a mini-ruler?

Naturally, if you happen to be in Portland (Oregon, that is), we know where you could pick up a pair.

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