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Against the Boards


We tend to prefer an old school board short, but a few tweaks here and there are enough to change our mind. Make it a little shorter and a little slimmer, and suddenly you’re back in the realm of gentlemanly beach attire.

Quiksilver’s “Limited Collection” (which should be hitting their site any day now) makes both those tweaks, and drops a bit of science in the bargain. They’ve developed a new fabric—inexplicably named Diamond Dobby—which should dry twice as fast as the shorts you’re used to. They've got plenty of the classic 80s patterns if you're feeling retro, but there's a few more muted versions in there as well, like this plain green pair.

Silver and Gold


Quiksilver isn’t a brand that’s on a lot of people’s minds these days now that the surfer and skater crazes have gently passed us by, but they’re still up to some interesting things.

The Limited Collection—shorthand for the more experimental wing of the brand—just put out their Spring ’09 line, and there are more than a few pieces worth checking out. Most of it stays firmly in Spicoli territory, but that’s not such a bad thing these days, especially with winter beach season rolling around. On the creative front, they’ve got hoodie oxfords, cardigan shirts (which they endearingly refer to as “shirtigans”), and this electric blue number, which may be the most unapologetically sunny piece we’ve seen in showrooms in quite some time.

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