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Golden Girls, Devil Blankets and a Quick Hand


Bond Woman: Quantum’s Olga Kurylenko revisits the role for GQ Germany—and apparently learns to fly a helicopter. [Trendhunter]

Blankets of the Damned: The infamous snuggie inches ever closer to widespread public use. [NYTimes]

Justice League: MoMA strikes back against Poster Boy and his ilk. [Vulture]

Hand Off: A users guide to archaic nightclub hand signals. [A Continuous Lean]

Mach Twelve


Speaking of the movies, the most recent Bond outing recently brought our attention to an entirely new kind of director: the Kansas City graphics firm MK12.

You may have seen their work before in the titles of The Kite Runner or detailing Will Ferrell’s humdrum existence in Stranger than Fiction (both from Quantum director Marc Forster), but the opening titles of a Bond film are iconic enough to be any animation worker’s dream job. Add in a desert setting and Jack White and Alicia Keys’ fantastic title song, and you’ve got one of the best intros in the series.

Well played, gentlemen.

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Buttoned Up


There are many ways to wear a cardigan. For the Italian premiere of a film you may have heard of, the esteemed Mr. Craig opted for the big collar/big tie route. It’s a good choice, since Italy is silk country and more is still better in Rome. He keeps the cardigan tactically slim instead of opting for the grandpa look, and ends up with a thoroughly adult outfit.

Also, it helps if you look like you’re ready to kick someone in the face.

Presidents, Villains, and Warren Beatty


All the Smiling Faces: Subway lover Patrick Moberg summarizes the nation’s forty-four presidents. Now that we look at it, a lot of them had pretty sweet mustaches. [Patrick Moberg]

Warren Peace: You can never have too many Warren Beatty appreciations. [AskMen]

We Be Villain: A talk with the new Bond villain. [Anthem]

How the Other Half Lives: Interior design expands into music, creating the playlist industry. Some day, this may be considered an actual job. [NYTimes]

Quantum’s Critics, Continuous Leans, and the Jersey Crew


An American Blogger in Tokyo: A Continous Lean continues to make us jealous with their Japanese/American swag. [A Continuous Lean]

Everyone’s a Critic: Early web reviews of *Quantum* trickle in from Condé Nast. Maybe they expected more one-button suits. [Men.Style]

Midtown’s Finest: British tailors seek refuge in midtown. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Meeting Across the River: J. Crew is opening up another version of its famous men’s shop in New Jersey. It should be more or less the same, but with a lot more tracksuits. [Racked]



The Bond movies have been overstuffed with product placement from the very beginning, even when they were shilling for products that didn’t exist like the ejecto-seat or the razor hat. It makes sense, since the Bond market tends to be interested in fast cars, sharp suits, shiny phones and the like. But we didn’t expect them to expand into the world of matching drapes.

Apparently we were mistaken. The interior design gurus at Wallpaper have an extended Q&A with Quantum of Solace’s set decorator detailing Bond’s Bolivian bed in *Quantum of Solace*. It’s a custom job from B&B Italia, made larger so it would be easier to shoot.

We always heard he favored bespoke.

Slings and Arrows

Some are born with accessories, some acquire accessories, and some have accessories thrust upon them.

Mr. Craig may not have been thinking of spicing up his tuxedo when he injured himself, but it couldn’t have worked out better. It may throw his bowtie a bit off-center, but it was well worth it.

With the Oscars just five months off, it may be time for George Clooney to start planning a discreet but manly boating accident.

License to Stitch


Product placement is nothing new to the James Bond movies, but we were pleased to hear that the new film is going to feature a whole lot of one of America’s most prominent designers.

Of course, Daniel Craig is already on record as being much-impressed with Tom Ford, but apparently he’s got a bit more clout these days, which means we’ll be seeing less Brioni and a lot less of those miniscule swimming trunks from *Casino Royale*. (Something tells us Roger Moore didn’t have to put up with that sort of thing…)

It’s rare to see a choice like this made by the star and not the marketing or wardrobe department, but it looks like Mr. Craig is moving up in the world. After all, what’s the point in having an acting gig if you can’t use it to score a good suit every now and then?

Let’s just hope he can keep them clean.

James the Spy


Political endorsements come and go, but the most important one by far comes from England’s most globe-trotting, martini-sipping secret agent. Yes, we’re talking about the Bond endorsement.

Making the press rounds for *Quantum of Solace*, Daniel Craig has said that Obama would make a better Bond because he could “look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them,” which we assume means he’s spry enough to chase some guy doing parkour. As for McCain, Craig says he’s more M material. “There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain.”

But he always seemed a little soft on SPECTRE.

Chun Li, Savile Row, and Bond’s Haters


Yoga Flame!: Olivia Munn makes good Halloween choices. [Complex]

Tailor the Storm: Don’t weep for Savile Row...they’ve seen worse times. [Luxist]

Un-Donnish Behavior: Our beloved Don Cornelius has been taken in on domestic assault charges. If the soul train led you to this point, what good was it? [Gawker]

The Haters Are Always With Us: Bond faces his most diabolical enemy yet: early reviewers. [BlackBook]