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But I Want It Now: NYFW:M Stuff You Can Have Now

  • Kempt Staff
But I Want It Now: NYFW:M Stuff You Can Have Now

Fashion Week shows offer the rare opportunity to see what you and others of your well-dressed ilk will be rocking a calendar year from now. It’s like stepping into a time machine where everyone’s taking photos all the time. The king-hell bummer of it all is that you’re not wearing any of this wonderful stuff until next year. Uncool.

So we’re doing a public service today by letting you in on the best stuff you can procure right this very second from all the designers showing tomorrow. Happy acquiring.

The Real Winners of Last Night’s CFDA Fashion Awards

  • Kempt Staff


The fashion cognoscenti gathered at Lincoln Center for the annual CFDA Fashion Awards last night—and, as expected, there was plenty of good style on display. (And plenty of Rihanna on display.)

And while we were pleased to see Public School get some well-deserved shine by winning the Menswear Designer of the Year Award, they weren’t the only ones who came out looking like winners.

Herewith, the real winners of last night’s CFDA Fashion Awards...»

Stay in School


Public School made a pretty big splash when they landed last year, but they’ve only been refining their look in the time since then.

There aren’t too many surprises in the latest collection—the big one is the introduction of a Thriller-esque red to their usually monochromatic palette—but they’re still the go-to label for anyone that wants a grittier take on modern style. There’s lots of leather jackets, a few chains, and a general no-nonsense attitude. For all the labels trying to make their models look good, Public School is still the only one that makes them look tough.

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The Wolf at the Door


The eCommerce bug is spreading across the East Village at an alarming rate. The latest culprit is Cry Wolf, who launched a site this month to bring brands like Harmon, Cronicles of Never, and Public School to whoever is wise enough to log on.

To our eye, it’s only a matter of time before someone draws together all the boutiques Alibris-style and makes hard-to-find labels a thing of the past. But until that time, this’ll do pretty nicely.



We don’t do much show-going at Kempt, but we couldn’t resist a post or two on the upcoming Capsule show. The semi-annual hootenanny is one of the best places to spot up-and-comers, and one of our favorite stops every year. This year’s crop includes Endovanera, Public School, Clae and Loden Dager, along with a handful of others we don’t even know about yet.

The show is happening 10-7pm this Monday and Tuesday in Angel Oresanz with over 60 labels attached. If you’re in the neighborhood, you just might see us there.

If not, we're sure you'll hear about it.

Alan Suits Up, Damon in Denim and Next-Gen Girdles

publicschool2_crop.jpgPublic School

Fall Semester: Catch a preview of Public School's latest collection. [We Are The Market]

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Same Old Song and Dance: Popular ##### and tabloid target ##### ##### has just penned a deal with ##### to market his/her signature fashion line "#####." We couldn't give a #####. [WWD]

Acid Wash: Look, if Matt Damon really wants to wear a trucker tux then back off and let the guy wear a trucker tux—unless you want he should crush your neck with a book. He can do that. [A Socialite's Life]

Something in The Way: Given that the only part of Kurt Cobain the cameras captured on April 5th, 1994 was his One-Star-clad leg, we can't help but think this new Converse collection is in very poor taste. No joke. [The Daily Swarm]

The Talented Mr. Minghella: In more depressing/Matt Damon related news, Anthony Minghella—the creator of some of the most sartorially precise movies of the 90s and all-around solid guy—passed on yesterday at the young age of 54. [NYTimes]

Contain Yourselves: "Shapewear" and "waist eliminators" are the new buzzwords for the "festively plump." [WSJ]

Well Schooled

Public School

*In our never-ending thirst for knowledge, we sat down for a few words of wisdom with Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, veterans of urban education and creators of Public School, the rugged, multi-purpose streetwear label that hits stores mid month.*

Kempt: What is the inspiration behind Public School?

Chow: New York City—of course—and anyone who's ever survived public school. Our man is someone who's well-traveled and appreciates details.

Kempt: So than who is your ideal model for Public School?

Osborne: We are our best models.

Kempt: How modest. What parts of New York inspired this line—and don't say your apartment?

Chow: I don't think it's any one place. It's more of the idea of New York, all the five boroughs. Moving around the city and just collecting that energy everywhere you go.

Kempt: What are your favorite haunts in the five boroughs?

Chow: Max probably goes out more than me—but Bar Pitti and Freeman's for sure.

Osborne: Naw, naw—I don't go out that much. I just go with the wind. Someone tells me something's going on, I'm gonna go.

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