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Jews, Bottles and Large Knit Collars


Fast Times: In the wake of Yom Kippur, Complex counts down their 9 favorite Israelis, including Moran Gros (at left). Oddly enough, Ben-Gurion doesn’t make the list. [Complex]

Ever Since I Can Remember I’ve Been Poppin’ Them Bottles: Champagne sales plummet in the face of economic uncertainty. Where are the rappers when we need them? [Luxist]

Small Arms Fire: Mailing severed chocolate limbs may not be the best PR move. Although, given their client base, we’re not sure AXE could do much worse. [Gawker]

Button Up: Take heed, bankers! What the world needs now are shawl-collar cardigans. Plan your weekend accordingly. [Selectism]

The Line for El Baño


The exclusivity arms race in New York nightlife has been getting a little ridiculous lately, so when we saw this, we knew it was either the beginning of the end times or an exceptionally clever PR hoax. Having pondered it, we’re ready to say it’s the latter.

(Fair Warning: we’re about to get very local.)

El Baño has made waves masquerading as an exclusive New York club, but they’ve been very cagy about their location even as they’ve publicized their existence. We’ve seen people pull off the secret club before, and this isn’t how it’s done. They don’t list opening dates, they don’t post menus, and they certainly don’t have drink lists as thin as the one El Baño is sporting. The shelf life of this sort of stunt isn’t going to last more than a few weeks, so we imagine they’re going for something a little more immediate. And if you think their opening date during fashion week is a coincidence, we’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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