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…And You’re Cured


The Rorschach test has been more art than psychiatry for some time now, but it still makes for a great party game. To that end, Redstone Press is introducing a dozen new inkblots with a built-in personality test, perfect for playful second-date psychological analysis, or explaining away any lingering craziness you might have kicking around. They all just look like furries to us.

Legs Malone Has Repurposed Her Overalls


Some of It Appears to be Acid-Washed: Whim Quarterly takes on repurposed denim with forthright sexuality and Polish words. We’re 70% sure they’re kidding. [Whim Quarterly]

Pomade Throwdown: There was a time in our history when people cared deeply about the difference between Vitalis and Brylcreem. [Ivy Style]

The Mystery of the Pyramids: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs gets a much-needed update. Consult for future happiness. [The Awl]

Industrial Quality: Randolph Engineering sunglasses turn out to be worth the wait. [A Suitable Wardrobe]