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Capsule Show New York, by the Numbers

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Twice a year, in six cities, menswear designers, buyers, editorialists and enthusiasts flock to the tailored temple of Capsule Show. Yesterday, the leather-bound steamer trunks and garment bags arrived in droves at New York’s South Street, chock-full of new collections for SS14.

Naturally, Team Kempt hit the pavement (or, you know, carpeted warehouse) of Pier 36 in the name of trend spotting and lesson learning. With over 250 brands in attendance, we thought it best to provide a bit of a highlight reel for our loyal followers.

As such, a scientific breakdown of the scene after the jump.»

Head to Toe: Madras

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


The 113th US Open went off this weekend, and it had us pining for the glory days of golf fashion. Back when the hair was feathered, the caps were newsboy and the prints were bold.

The ostentatious culture peaked around the time of Caddyshack, but thankfully, some pieces have remained steadfast. Most notably, madras.

The fabric is lightweight, easy to maintain and stays sharp when traditional suiting would fold under wrinkle-inducing humidity. So versatile, you can pretty much find any garment rocking its signature tartans. Hence, we went ahead and found all the gear necessary to don you from head to toe.

Wearing them all at once, well, that’s a lifestyle choice you’ll have to make for yourself.»

The 14 Best Patterned Shorts for Summer

  • Najib Benouar


When it comes to shorts, we’ve always been of the mind that if you’re going for it, you have permission to get loud. (With the caveat: not at the office.)

And until recently, your only options were of the plaid or embroidered-critter variety meant for rebellious trads. But this season has seen more new patterned shorts on the market than perhaps ever. Stripes, ikat, paisley, liberty and batik prints. There are a lot more ways to get tastefully loud these days (which means you’ll want to outfit the rest of your body in a solid-color oxford cloth button-down, pocket tee or polo shirt—for the sake of everyone’s retinas, keep it to one pattern). So we rounded up our favorites of the bunch, to get you ready for the season.

Herewith, the 14 best patterned shorts out there right now.»

Chambray’s Dirty Secret, Bastian Hangs with Trinidad James and Details Loves Sherry

  • Kempt Staff

Tuxedo slippers

Menswear, Science: Tweed in the City sets a few samples of chambray aflame in an attempt to get to the bottom of the poly-blend conspiracy. This could go all the way to the top.

Cats and Dogs: While felines might rule the Internet era, Slate reminds us that canines reign in print.

Straight Flexin’: In what has undoubtedly resulted in the photo that will break the #menswear Internet this week, Michael Bastian and Trinidad James profess their shared love for tuxedo slippers.

Oh, Sherry: Details makes the case for giving Sherry a second chance. (The drink.)

Lamborghinis, the First Ladies of Baseball and Mad Men Artistry

  • Kempt Staff


Sacrificial Lambo: Our pals over at Driven get the lowdown on Lamborghini’s newest supercar—with a price tag to the tune of $4 million.

Sporting Goods: Archival Clothing digs up some great print ads from 1950s sportswear.

Ball Girls: Just in time for baseball season, Bleacher Report counts down the 50 most notable MLB WAGS.

Mad Artist: It only took six seasons for the producers to track down an honest-to-God Mad Men–era illustrator for the show’s promotional art.

Erin Wasson Is Marooned

  • Najib Benouar

Erin Wassonvia FGR

Ready for This Jelly: GQ introduces Royal Jelly Harlem, a new line of African-print-covered everything. (From beach towels to ties.) [GQ]

All Roads Lead to Thick Frames: The Times takes their turn dissecting the recent nerd-ification of NBA style. [NYTimes]

GIF Horse: Buzzfeed may have stumbled on the perfect digital time capsule in this celebration of 25 years of the animated GIF. [Buzzfeed]

Dads on Film: In honor of Father’s Day, here are some life lessons to be learned from on-screen dads you never had. [/Film]

In Print


One of the more interesting booths at (capsule) had surprisingly little to do with clothing. Shockingly enough, this one has to do with newsprint.

The booth in question belonged to Staple, a clothing line and design firm that’s best known as the owner of the Lower East Side boutique Reed Space. But this month they’re branching out even farther, with a quarterly called Reed Pages. It’s all interviews and editorial spreads so far, but the highlight might be in their innovative approach to advertising. Called “sponsorship,” each ad consists of the brand’s logo printed an inch high in the middle of a huge blank page. It’s branding at its purest: no models, no pictures and no elegantly worded slogans.