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Why Is Vin Scully “Fed Up”?

It was probably nothing—the tail end of an otherwise forgettable press conference yesterday in which Magic Johnson and the Guggenheim Baseball Management group officially took control of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Our beloved Vin Scully, now in his 63rd consecutive year as the voice of the Dodgers, served as emcee of the event and, per usual, was magnificent. And it was probably nothing. But in closing, Vin seemed to go off-script for a moment—almost as though he were finally speaking out on something that had been eating at him for years.

“I’m fed up,” Scully began. “I’m fed up to here.”»

Adriana Lima’s Wedding, British Shoes, and Libelous Internets


Condolences: Adriana Lima has eloped with Serbian basketballer Marko Jaric…even though he lacks our faculty with language and sartorial acumen. [The Cut]

Sole Music: A stroll through the world of British shoe aficionado Mr. Hare. [Style Salvage]

The World’s Best Press Release: “As Julie Henderson's publicist, I've read some unflattering blogs calling her a ‘high fallutin' call girl.’” [Men.Style]

Zombie Shoes: Another venerable shoe brand returns from the dead. [A Continuous Lean]

Locked Down


Apparently Shepard Fairey has been busier than we thought. Not 24 hours after the AP took aim at him, the Boston police got in on the action at a local event honoring the storied graffiti artist and hauled off to the slammer for a few outstanding vandalism warrants.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Mr. Fairey has run afoul of the boys in blue, but it’s the first time it’s happened since he had any serious clout behind his name, and it’s hard to think of better outsider cred than getting arrested at your own gallery party.

In other words, despite what it looks like, we would say Shep’s having a very good week.

Wanton Suit Destruction, Lil' John Grows up, and The Cardigan Conspiracy


Negative Reaction: Kenneth Cole falls $3.1 million into debt. Where be your cheeky billboards now? [DNRNews]

Cardigan Cabal: The international press is conspiring to make the Cardigan today's, "dead sexy chick magnet." Almost Orwellian, ain't it?

Restoration Hardware: John Varvatos' conversion of CBGB's is taking for-frigging-ever. [Racked]

Lil' Bit More: Crunk poet and Renaissance man Lil' John not only has his own celeb clothing line on the way, but is currently vintnering up a storm at Little Jonathan Winery. All class that one. [Pro Hip Hop]

Collateral Damage: The new Bond film is an absolute blood fest, destroying one innocent Tom Ford suit after another. [VogueUK]

Co-Ed Naked Design: Matthew McConcaughey and his old lady create new clothes to shed while walking on sunny pacific beaches. [Gawker]