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The Eight Rugby Shirts to Consider This Season

  • Najib Benouar


For all the love that athletic-inspired menswear is getting these days, the venerable rugby has been largely overlooked.

Which is a shame, as it’s the sort of mid-weight long-sleeved layer that can easily slip under a jean or waxed-canvas jacket or even—under the right circumstances—wouldn’t look out of place under a sport coat. Usually marked by a contrasting collar and a few bold stripes, it’s preppy in the original sense of the term. And whether or not you’ll ever see the inside of a scrum, picking up one (or all eight) of the following specimens would be a strong move.

Herewith, the eight rugby shirts to consider this season...»

Is It Ever Okay to Wear a Shorts Suit?

  • Najib Benouar

That’s a tough one. Mostly because it’s hard to fathom a situation where you’d want to both wear shorts and don a jacket—not to mention that, well, a man wearing shorts cannot be taken seriously. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few (very specific) instances when a modern man might find it appropriate to go business from the knee up, party from the calf down.

So, herewith, the eight questions you must ask yourself before walking out the door, suited from merely nape to knee.»

The Go-To-Hell Blazer

Band of Outsiders Blazer

You may be familiar with the preppy staple known as go-to-hell pants, but the critter-filled graphics typically stay below the waist.

This Band of Outsiders blazer moves the pattern above the waist, for one of the best hyper-preppy items we’ve seen all year. We’re not sure we want to rush out and buy the thing exactly, but we have to admit it would look pretty fantastic on anyone swaggering into a Newport garden party. And since the fabric itself is linen burlap, they’ll be able to keep fairly cool in the process.

But for god’s sake, stick to one critter at a time.

All About the Benjamins


We finally got down to Barneys to take a peek at the Benjamin Bixby line from Andre 3000 (née Benjamin), and it’s quite a display. The line doesn’t stray too far from the Lauren party line, but the moves it does make—like the Lindbergh-esque bomber jacket and scarf—suggest a few places Bixby could go once it gets its sea legs. It’s broader and a lot more earnest than the typical preppy fare…which we should have expected, given Benjamin’s wide-eyed enthusiasm.

More importantly, the folks on the floor informed us they’re already restocking. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who are impressed.