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The Five Things You Need from Carlton Drew

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Preppy menswear shop Carlton Drew opened their Melrose doors back in January, bringing the sea-salty breeze of East Coast styling to the streets of Los Angeles.

Now founder/designer C. Drew Sutton has revamped their webshop for FW ’13 and it’s a veritable trove of handsomeness—including key pieces from their house label and an exclusive tie collaboration with Gitman Vintage.

Here are the five things you need.»

Shop Visit: A Sneak Peek at J. Press York Street

  • Najib Benouar

J. Press

A lot of bloggerly ink has been spilled in the excitement over J. Press’s neo-trad capsule collection York Street, helmed by the #menswear golden boys at Ovadia & Sons.

It’s the sort of brilliance that could only happen in the Tumblr age—or by being willed into existence by a small cadre of menswear influencers performing ritualistic dances in some clandestine Ivy League clubhouse. (It could’ve been either, really; we’d rather not comment any further.)

And while it seemed that the stuff would only exist on the Internet, today it all became a reality in a real-life brick-and-mortar shop in NYC—and our friends at UrbanDaddy got us a sneak peek at all the cable-knitted wool and tufted-leather handsomeness. If a trip to the city isn’t in the cards anytime soon, not to worry—all the stuff is available online.

A few of our favorites, after the jump.»

Jessica Chastain Finds Your Klout Score Upsetting

  • Kempt Staff

Jessica Chastainvia GQ UK

Golden Fleecing: Richard Press tells the story of how Brooks Brothers shaped generations of preppiness—J. Press included. [Ivy Style]

No Cargo: Michael Jordan has been losing sartorial steam for some time—and now it’s getting him kicked out of places. [NY Post]

All the Leaves: A stunning time-lapse celebration of the vibrant autumnal foliage in Central Park. [The Atlantic]

Basel Tov: For those of you heading down to Miami for Art Basel next week, Bullett magazine has your 12-step game plan. [Bullett]

Boast of the Town

  • Najib Benouar

This snap comes from a sneak peek at an upcoming editorial on our favorite rebel-prep-wear label, Boast. It comes courtesy of Jake Davis, who directed the shoot (and who’s teamed up with Adrianne Ho to brilliant success before). Get a better look at the preview of the beach-traipsing photography of Boast’s new collection over here. (Though we’ll admit, Ms. Ho really steals the show.)

Read Wall Has Arrived

  • Najib Benouar

The vast majority of upstart Made-in-America labels that have come on the scene lately are of the selvage denim, triple-stitched boot, workwear-leaning variety.

So we were pleased to learn of a decidedly preppy entry from Read Wall—the same guy who brought us this good-looking shirt and many more—launching this fall. He’s moved on from just shirts (ditching the name “Read’s Clothing Project” for “Read Wall”) and pulled off an entire line of preppy staples: polos, chinos, anoraks—and the shirts are still there, of course. Consider it a homegrown Gant in its infancy.

The stuff is available for preorder now, and expected to ship in late September—which is right about when you’ll start wanting to reach for a waxed-canvas anorak on your way out the door.

Elizabeth Banks Just Loves Mother’s Day

  • Najib Benouar

And So Does GQ: To celebrate, they’ve put together a comprehensive slideshow of mothers who’ve graced their pages. A beautiful tribute. [GQ]

To Match Your Spring Socks: On the heels of our spring “ditch the wool for cotton” sock roundup, Valet gives cardigans the same treatment. Good stuff. [Valet]

Still Learning: One man’s journey back to his prep school reunion teaches him (and us in the process) that reality and menswear’s current loud-plaids-and-green-pants vision of the look don’t exactly match up. [Esquire]

Your Mother’s Day Reading: If you’ve looked at a newsstand recently, you probably gave the exposed-left-breast-ed Time cover a double take. Here’s the story behind that. [Time]

Three Polos to Get You Through Summer

It never fails: the sun comes out, the coats go into storage...and pretty soon, we’re thinking of polo shirts. They’re a warm-weather classic for most of the Western Hemisphere, and for 2012, we’ve rounded up the three most important models, from the preppy to the fashion-forward, to help you attack the summer in style.

The three kinds of polos you’ll want to know this summer»

The Icon: JFK Jr.

The ’90s were a different time. Simpler, even.

It’s still a bit of a style taboo, but at its best, ’90s style was a retake of the same optimistic ennui that drove the early ’60s—so it’s only right that its greatest icon would be a latter-day Kennedy, a man of leisure in an increasingly uncertain time.

Ladies and gentlemen, JFK Jr.

If you look through these pictures closely enough, you’ll see most of the decade represented, from RL prep to Wall Street insouciance. Of course, he bowed out too soon (just as the decade ended, in fact), but what’s left is a remarkable record of a man in his prime. Here are a few of our favorites...

Our five favorite pics of JFK Jr.»

The True Meaning of Prep


For all the queasiness surrounding the idea of preppiness, it’s nice to know there are still a few gentlemen of style who can knock it out of the park. In this case, it’s Street Etiquette, reimagining the Ivy League’s past as a post-racial paradise of toggled sweaters and tweed. It’s befuddling to some—just look at the comments section—but for our money it’s the most important preppy document we’ve seen all year. Here’s why…

Fair warning: this might get deep»

Kempt Man of the Hour: K. Cooper Ray

kcooperray_crop.jpgvia GoaG

It’s the pants.

This week’s MOTH comes from the preppiest place on earth, the Madison Avenue Brooks Brothers shop, during the release party for True Prep. It’s also quite possibly the only place in the world you could fearlessly sport a pair of moleskin pants embroidered with miniature pictures of dogs.

The red-headed gentleman without fear is K. Cooper Ray, proprietor of Social Primer, and give or take a pair of Gucci loafers, he’s dressed in head to toe Brooks—including that two-tone bowtie, which he had a hand in designing. It’s a lot to take in…but we’re pretty sure it’s the only way to pull off the eye-popping trousers. If it weren’t for Thom Browne lurking in the background in a shrunken gray suit, he’d easily be the best-dressed gentleman in the place.

This Year’s Model


Michael Bastian has been turning out elegant-if-pricey staples for a couple seasons now, and before that he was with the ur-preppies at Polo, so if there’s a next big thing in preppidom, our money’s on him. And apparently Gant agrees.

His collaboration with the storied rugby brand debuted at Fashion Week last month and images are finally leaking to the web. We don’t endorse every last piece—particularly the over-distressed jeans and khakis—but of the 42 items there are at least seven we’re not sure we can do without. Not a bad average, as these things go.

Our favorite is this wool pant, the kind of rough-textured fall pant we usually turn to Sweden for. It’ll be a few more months before you can see them in person, but we’re guessing it’s worth the wait.

The Nameless Model


Somewhere in Italy…: We don’t know who this is, but she should email us. [Fashion Copious]

The Tweed Revolution: A closer look at the origins of Japanese preppy style. Legitimately fascinating stuff. [IvyStyle]

The Northwest Passage: The style of early grunge gets a closer, more adoring look. This may be vintage flannel’s first hagiography. [The Moment]

Stiff Upper Lip: Your guide to this season’s mustache-shaped jewelry. [All the Rage]

Prep Yourself


ACL’s Michael Williams and Kempt’s own venerable Randy Goldberg have put together a pop-up this weekend in Nolita, and we couldn’t resist a quick peek at the stock.

The post-Hickey milliners at Hattan have already garnered a bit of press, and you can see the full list here, but our early favorite is the set of vintage gear pulled together by J. Press’s Mark McNairy, including classic Ray-Bans and oxfords direct from the Princeton shop. Call it the literal approach to taking ivy