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8 Notes from the Most Stylish Film We Saw This Week

In the ’60s, Sopranos creator David Chase was the worst kind of suburban brat: he played drums in a basement rock band in suburban New Jersey. While his musical aspirations never really took off (“We were so good, we never left the basement”), Chase turned his recollections of the era into his first full-length movie, Not Fade Away, which screened last week at the New York Film Festival.

In the movie, a Dylan-esque college kid named Doug (newcomer John Magaro) forms a band with some high school friends. Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll ensue. Unfortunately, Not Fade Away doesn’t bring much of anything new to the (already cluttered) table of coming-of-age films. Fortunately, it’s still full of lots of our favorite things: mod-ish girls in Pucci dresses. Curmudgeonly fathers. Shaggy-haired band members smoking makeshift bongs in bathrooms. All in some really great ’60s clothes.

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Donald Sutherland

There are lots of ways to age gracefully, but the lion-in-winter route is one of our favorites. It’s not quite as dignified as the salt-and-pepper Clooney, but it’s a lot more fun.

Donald Sutherland provided the perfect example at this week’s Hunger Games premiere in LA. He’s wintry grizzle personified, all wild hair and mismatched clothing, every bit as mischievous as he was in his ’70s heyday. He’s wearing a black overcoat and black suit out of frame, but he’s got enough going on between the lapels to keep things suitably off-balance.

In short, he looks like a 77-year-old troublemaker...and we’d expect nothing less.