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All of the Moonrise Kingdom Posters in One Place

  • Najib Benouar

The new cinematic posters for Wes Anderson’s forthcoming opus, Moonrise Kingdom, have been circling the Internet today—sprinkled from site to site for whatever cross-promotional reasons—and we liked them so much that we took it upon ourselves to hunt for all seven of them. (And hit pay dirt here.) A neat trick is that each picture can be clicked for more detail—essentially making the posters miniature Wes Andersonian cross sections.

Consider this fulfilling your weekly allowance of quirkiness.

The Taxonomy of Beer

The world of beer has gotten pretty complex in recent years, so we’re glad to have a whimsical poster to translate the world of beer-nerdery into language the masses can understand. This Pop Chart poster tackles 89 different varieties in sum—from wheat-wine to the phonetically satisfying lager known as “Munich Dunkel”—with examples of each and a handy guide to the appropriate stemware. Fair warning: you may need to purchase a snifter.

The Throwback


Movie posters have been getting a little boring lately—all close-up photos and airbrushing. Fortunately, the graphic artist Tavis Coburn has given five of this year’s best flicks the 70s Tokyo treatment. That means strong lines, Ben-Day dots and pictures that pop in every sense of the word.

You can find more here, but our favorite is this one —we’ll let you guess the movie. It’s pretty fantastic, although his suit could probably use a light ironing…