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What Your Rainwear Says About You

  • Najib Benouar


With spring showers beginning to sprinkle over the northern hemisphere, it’s more than likely you’ll be reaching for a raincoat sometime soon—or looking for a new one. And in 2013, there’s a dizzying array of options to choose from. But before you head out into the damp unknown in your finest waterproof jacketry, you should know what your choice in gear says about you.

So, without further ado: what your rainwear says about you, according to Kempt.»

The Pocket Calendar

At this point, you’ve probably got a calendar attached to your email, your phone and (possibly) your watch—but there’s just no substitute for paper. Especially if the item in question is small enough to slip into a jacket pocket.

This Postalco model is our obsession of the morning. It’s modeled after ’50s-era folios, which means pressed cotton covers and the kind of minimalist design that would make Dieter Rams proud.

And at just four inches wide, it’s slim enough to bring with you everywhere your phone goes.

Paper Tiger


Disposable bags are none too popular these days, so it makes sense that we’d gradually replace them with more durable versions. Still, we’re a little surprised leather is getting so popular.

This faux-paper bag comes all the way from Rotterdam, which is far enough from Japan that we imagine they haven’t heard of this similar Postalco folder. As it turns out, the right dyes can make leather a pretty good sub for paper, and a more durable one at that.

Just don’t leave either of them in the rain.

Going Mobile


Another beloved boutique is going online. This time it’s the bicoastal Opening Ceremony (hat tip to Men.Style), who bring together their house label and international trinkets like this tool kit from Postalco.

Best of all, the site itself is bright and, aside from a few artfully angular background shapes, remarkably pleasant to look at. Compared to the usually dour boutique sites—we’re looking at you, Odin—it’s positively summery.

A New Skin


There are a lot of oddball inspirations out there, but the post office is easily the strangest. It’s the perfect example of the workaday drabness most designers go out of their way to avoid. As a general rule, there’s nothing less glamorous than spending twenty minutes in a cordoned line. (That goes for modern air travel too, if you were wondering.)

But after this envelope/briefcase, we may have to think again. It comes from Postalco, a Brooklyn-meets-Japan marque that takes inspiration from the international transport industry. This particular item subs calfskin in for the usual manila paper for a handleless briefcase that’s both innovative and completely low key. After all, who looks twice at a man carrying a manila envelope?