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Menswear in Europe and Karaoke in Portland

  • Kempt Staff

Overseas Steez: Gant Rugger unveils their latest editorial featuring “Team Americano”—a roving band of menswear bloggers in Europe.

Today in Bizarre Fashion Collaborations: Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and Kmart are teaming up for a capsule collection. (Now that’s news you cannot use.)

Country Feedback: The playlist from one man’s journey into the heart of karaoke darkness—which, apparently, is Portland, Oregon.

Supply and Demand: GQ gets an exclusive sneak peek at Suitsupply’s fall offerings. Dapper double-breasted tweediness abounds.

Martha Hunt Is Working On Her Navel Tan

Martha Huntvia Fashion Gone Rogue

A Solitary Zuck: Is Facebook making us lonelier? We have noticed less in-person poking in the last few years. [The Atlantic]

The Scandinavian Invasion: Dunderdon takes over a Portland art gallery, to handsome effect. [Cool Hunting]

Postcards from the Edge: Drew Magary tells the harrowing tale of the birth of his third child. Buckle up for this one. [Deadspin]

Leather and Denim: A few words with the sharp lady behind Smith + Butler. [Valet]

Danner’s Latest

The work boot craze left a lot of guys yearning for a lighter kind of winter footwear. Our answer has always been Portland’s Danner, designed for marathon-length hikes through the Oregon woods. And as of now, you’ll have five new designs to choose from, arriving online today. (They’re the ones at the bottom of the page.) The biggest update is a Vibram 2060 outsole, making them even lighter than the ones you’re used to.

Check out the new Danner models after the jump»

Some People Just Love the Mail

Stitch After Stitch: Michael Williams tours Isaia’s Napoli factory, one handmade buttonhole at a time. [A Continuous Lean]

The Secret Agent: A few style tips from the James Bonds of the world. First, you’re going to need an underwater car. [Esquire]

Ring a Ding Ding: A thoughtful look back at Sinatra’s 60s work, for anyone who’s ever felt behind the times. [A.V. Club]

The Leather Men: A tour of Tanner Goods Portland headquarters. So, so much leather. [Cool Hunting]

Sarah Stephens Prefers Powerful Lamps

This is Theodore: Via Twitter, Ghostface offers some timeless advice on romancing your woman for Valentine’s Day. Boats are involved. [A.V. Club]

Portlandia: Stumptown gets its own garment center. [Cool Hunting]

My Home is the Sea: A handsome and well-mustached runway show from N.Hoolywood. [Lifetime Gear]

The Story of the Orabrush: An unlikely YouTube hit to promote better breath. It’s a Cinderella story… [TechCrunch]

The Woodgrain


Count on the Northwest to make us nostalgic for summer. Oregon’s Shwood just released a new set of shades, the Ashland, and as handsome as they are, we suspect we won't be needing them for at least a six months.

The frames take after a classic 80s aviator not too different from the kind Kanye’s favoring these days, carved out of East Indian rosewood. It’s a kind of texture you don’t get the chance to wear very often, and it's strange and handsome enough to turn a standard pair of aviators into something that's almost avant garde.

And yes, they'll be even better once the sun comes out.

Helen Korpak is the Bard of Heavy Petting

Stairway: The US Air Guitar Championships are happening right now, and if you’re reading this, that means you’re missing out. Sadly, the live video stream is down, but there should still be plenty of rock to go around. [World’s Best Ever]

But Do They Have Batman?: Portland’s Floating World Comics is our favorite store of the day. [WeJetSet]

Dog Day Icon: Apparently the “Facebook guy” who used to pop up on the upper left of the screen was actually Al Pacino. Hoo ah? [Mashable]

Lifetime Achievement: In honor of his 70th birthday, here’s some pictures of Alex Trebek being drunk, smug, and generally awesome. [Urlesque]