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Lighten Up


Summer’s days may be numbered, but we finally came across the perfect getaway bag.

This Porter carry-all blends linen, rayon and cotton for a material that’s not that far from your favorite August button-up, then stitches it all up into the kind of weekender bag that’s just begging to be thrown into the back seat of a beach-bound car. It’s not quite as indestructible as their canvas offerings…but you’ll only need it to last through Labor Day.

My Adidas


Porter’s bags have been a favorite of workwear aficionados for a while, but their first sneaker collab just landed in stores as part of Adidas’ F/W ’09 shipment, and it’s got a lot of the same panache that makes their duffels worth picking up. The stitching looks familiar, and so do the Samba-esque stripes, but the master stroke is the zipper that runs up from the heel. Maybe they lost their shoehorn?

…But No More than a Quantum


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A Nice Mesh You’ve Gotten Us Into


No sooner had we gushed about the impeccable mystique of the Japanese bagmakers at Porter than we caught wind of their latest creation: a mesh gym bag.

It’s not a bad item—in fact, it’s probably one of the better gym bags we’ve seen—but nothing punctures mystique like cotton mesh. We were hoping for a catalog full of sleek black briefcases and seamless nylon bags. Adding a string-strapped semi-tote to their repertoire makes the whole enterprise seem a whole lot less monolithic.

On the other hand, you'll still have to pay for it in yen, so we'd say their cult brand cred is still firmly intact.

Trade Winds


Japan’s Porter has been building steam as a cult brand for some time now, but even after a Monocle collab and a string of gushing writeups, their bags are still pretty hard to get a hold of. We were set to hype up a shipment that just landed in Seattle’s Blackbird, but the two-way briefcase we were looking for already sold out. We’re not quite up on our economic lingo, but we believe that’s referred to as “demand.”

Outside of boutique shipments, your best bet is to brave overseas shops like this one with a little help from Google Translate. And like a lot of cult goods, it’s still relatively cheap…at least before you add in shipping costs.