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Family Ties

  • Najib Benouar

Finally, you can own your favorite tie in shirt form.

Because the gents at The Hill-side have teamed up with Gitman Vintage to turn some of their most popular ties into full-blown button-downs for a limited-run holiday collection—we’re most partial to the flax/cotton multicolored polka dot and the of-the-moment microfloral pattern. There are seven shirts in total, and they’ll all be on sale this weekend at the Pop Up Flea before making their way online sometime next week.

Which reminds us, the gates of menswear heaven will be swinging open as the clock strikes 3 today, so make sure to brush up on our definitive guide to navigating the PUF V before heading over.

Navigating the Pop Up Flea V

  • Najib Benouar

The Pop Up Flea has become the stuff of #menswear legend. And it’s back for its fifth installment—but you’d be mistaken to think they’re still doing the same old stuff. This one is going to be even bigger and even better. (Trust us, we know a guy.)

If you’ve never heard of the PUF (though we highly doubt that, if you’re reading Kempt), imagine all of your favorite bloggerly things on the Internet materialized in one place: knobby wooden posts you can actually touch, your favorite shoemaker in the flesh, the smell of motor oil and vintage tweed in the air... The whole thing was conceived by Michael “ACL” Williams and our very own editorial director, Randy Goldberg, who has so graciously allowed us to pick his brain on what to expect from the three-day extravaganza that kicks off at 3pm tomorrow at NYC’s ROOT (Drive-In) studios. (And show you a few sneak peeks.)

The definitive guide to navigating all of the menswear, automobiles and art installations that will be at this weekend’s Pop Up Flea.»

A Silk Knit Rolex

  • Najib Benouar

Behold: the vintage Rolex of silk knit ties.

The horology-obsessed gents over at Hodinkee have just teamed up with the perennially dapper tie makers Drake’s London to come up with two limited-edition ties based on some legendary Rolexes. Our favorite of the two is this matte gray tie with creamy polka dots that mimic the way the dial and hands of a 1972 Reference 5512 Rolex Submariner have faded. They’re available for preorder now, but you can get first crack at them this weekend in NYC during the Pop Up Flea—the mythical bazaar of menswear co-helmed by our very own editorial director...

Stay tuned for more on what to expect from the guaranteed-to-be-epic PUF V, tomorrow...

Miranda Kerr Just Remembered Today Is Halloween

  • Kempt Staff

Miranda Rights: The Brits of Esquire have named Mrs. Bloom the Sexiest Woman Alive. Here’s the accompanying video. (You’re welcome.) [Esquire UK]

Private Seat: Selectism takes us behind the scenes of making a custom pair of jeans at 3x1 Denim. [Selectism]

Good Grade: A handsome recap of the successful NorthernGrade menswear pop-up we told you about last week. [Well Spent]

TGI-Weds: For those of you staying indoors tonight (and with electricity), Paper has rounded up the seven best Halloween episodes from ’80s and ’90s sitcoms. [Paper]

A Gust of Handsomeness Blowing into Chicago

  • Najib Benouar

For anyone lucky enough to find themselves in Chicagoland tomorrow, the first Windy City installment of the men’s pop-up market NorthernGrade will be taking place. And it’s going to be a barn burner.

In the grand tradition of the Pop-Up Flea (co-helmed by our very own editorial director), the folks from Pierrepont Hicks and Well Spent are putting on a Midwestern fete of Americana. The daylong bazaar of selvage, duck canvas and other ruggedly made-in-America-only gear will be hosting 19 coast-to-coast brands, with a few local shops like Penelope’s and Haberdash on hand to help things along.

To whet your appetite, we’ve got a full list of the vendors who’ll be there, after the jump.»

Ships Comes to Tribeca

Ships doesn’t get the press of Beams or Honeyee, but they’ve been one of the main players in Tokyo’s heritage revival. And more importantly, they’re currently finishing up a pop-up shop at Tribeca’s Grown & Sewn—a khaki artisan you might remember from the Pop Up Flea. We stopped by today to check out the goods, including Inverallan sweaters and some of the finest sweatshirts known to man.

A tour of Tokyo’s best heritage menswear, currently touring Tribeca»

Gracie Carvalho is Unmaking the Bed

Gracie Carvalhovia WBE

Popping Up Again: More Pop Up Flea goodness, this time coming as an interview with Michael Williams. We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of an indoor ski slope. [Valet]

Behind the Thread: Brunello Cucinelli talks about the secret to building a cashmere empire. [WSJ]

The Actors Speak: A round-table of well-awarded actors, talking shop—including some reminiscence from George Clooney on his days working in the tobacco fields of Kentucky. [The Hollywood Reporter]

So Many Scarves, It’s Crazy: Pictures from the opening of Chicago’s Haberdash. Would that we were there. [You Have Broken the Internet]

Pop Up Flea Goes Fourth

Pop Up Flea

It’s that time of year again.

Tomorrow morning, the Pop Up Flea returns for a weekend of Americana and earnest camaraderie—brought to you by Michael Williams and our esteemed Editorial Director Randy Goldberg.

As anyone who’s stopped by can tell you, it’s a great place to pick up gifts or meet the people behind a few of our favorite brands. (They’re actually really nice, it turns out.) The address is 159 Bleecker St—and to give you an idea of what you’ll find there, we’ve got a video introduction and a brand list after the jump.

A no-holds-barred investigation into the seedy underbelly of the Pop Up Flea (not really)»

Amanda Seyfried Is an Unorthodox Detective

One Shot at a Time: A fantastic interview with Bruce Weber, containing the following: “You have to fight for your work—everybody has to. You have to be able to get knocked down and stand back up.” Truth. [The Talks]

The Virginian Belt: Valet tracks down some handsome handcrafted belts from Ledbury. [Valet]

Drunk in the Booth: Courtesy of a recent book, Deadspin recounts an altercation between Al Michaels and a drunken Howard Cosell in the booth at the ’84 American League Championships. Amazing. [Deadspin]

It’s Baaaack: Pop Up Flea. Act like you know. [A Continuous Lean]

Come on Down


If you’re in the New York vicinity Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, our Esteemed Editorial Director has teamed up with ACL’s Michael Williams once again (under the A Continuous Goldberg marque that they use to produce the Pop Up Flea) to bring together a flock of menswear, vintage and interesting curio purveyors for a three-day shop in association with the (capsule) trade show.

It’s called “Old & New,” and if you stop by, you’ll find bathing suits from Quit.Mad.Stop, classic belts from Orange Crush Exports, and an installation of commodities and props from byKenyan, among others. You can find more details here. We’ll save a wallet for you.