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Konichiwa, Internet


The pop star/elf queen known as Robyn has given us a lot this year—in particular, a great album and an excuse for hipsters to listen to pop music—but apparently she’s got a few more plans. Also, she may have a future as an interactive ad guru…

To promote one of the underheralded singles of her latest full-length, "We Dance to the Beat," the canny Swede has put together a self-remixing microsite that lets you tweak the song into your own version, or just scan through the grid of videos like an aleatoric DJ in search of the perfect combination. The result is a mind-boggling number of variations of the same basic rhythm, paired with leftfield videos for an aesthetic somewhere between Brian Eno and Zoo TV.

Of course, it helps that the original song is awesome, and unusually tinkerable…but we’re pretty sure this is what the internet is for.