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Does Mitt Romney Use Hair Product? A Critical Investigation

We’ve never been afraid to ask the tough questions.

It started when the personal stylist of one Willard Mitt Romney swore the candidate has never touched hair product. But Mr. Romney’s impeccable coif suggested otherwise, and from the campaign, there was only an eerie silence... as if there were something they didn’t want us to know.

So on the heels of Romney’s Nevada victory, we conducted a thorough investigation into the apparent styling habits of the Republican front-runner. The results may shock you.

We’re calling it pomade-gate. This one could go all the way to the top.

The shocking, secret truth about Mitt Romney’s hair»

A Mighty Blow


In general, we try to keep a laissez-faire attitude towards a man’s morning routine, but when the latest issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly devotes a page of their fine publication to the premise of blow-drying men’s hair… we have to take exception.

To keep it brief, this is one trend you can skip. And the exceptionally self-serious black-and-white snap of Robert Pattinson that ran with the piece might give you some idea as to why.

Allow us to explain why…»

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