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Read Wall Has Arrived

  • Najib Benouar

The vast majority of upstart Made-in-America labels that have come on the scene lately are of the selvage denim, triple-stitched boot, workwear-leaning variety.

So we were pleased to learn of a decidedly preppy entry from Read Wall—the same guy who brought us this good-looking shirt and many more—launching this fall. He’s moved on from just shirts (ditching the name “Read’s Clothing Project” for “Read Wall”) and pulled off an entire line of preppy staples: polos, chinos, anoraks—and the shirts are still there, of course. Consider it a homegrown Gant in its infancy.

The stuff is available for preorder now, and expected to ship in late September—which is right about when you’ll start wanting to reach for a waxed-canvas anorak on your way out the door.

You’re Only as Young as You Feel


Surprisingly enough, this is not the latest model from Osh Kosh B’Gosh.

Actually, it’s one of the more outré of those Band of Outsiders polos you might remember from January. Now that they’re seasonally appropriate—and arriving in brick-and-mortar shops—we thought we’d take another look…and we were a little surprised at what we found.

Scott Sternberg’s always been interested in digging up slightly retro childhood relics, and there are plenty of items in the cheekily named “This is Not a Polo” line that walk that line perfectly. And, we should say, they’re pretty fantastic—the best polos we’ve seen in years. But if you push the childrenswear vibe just a little farther, you end up edging into strange territory.

This one’s for advanced users only, but anyone who can pull it off without looking like Billy Madison gets a hat tip from us.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Scott Sternberg


One more dispatch from Fashion Week: After the impeccable Band of Outsiders show, a lucky photographer caught this snap of Jason Schwartzman and Scott Sternberg sharing a laugh. And much as we admire Mr. Schwartzman’s Redford-esque stache, this one belongs to Sternberg.

It’s not just the Steve Allen glasses (not that Steve Allen), although those merit a double-take just about every time we see a picture of him. But we’ve seen those before. Instead, we’d direct your attention to the rugby top, pulled fresh from his new line of polos. We’ve been waiting to see one of those in the wild for quite some time, so the first spotting definitely merits a MOTH. Sure, he looks a little underdressed, but that’s the whole idea.

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