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You Have Just Been Flashed by Paula Patton

Paula Pattonvia GQ

Neckwear Returns: A whole crop of handsome Hill-Side gear just went on sale at Smith & Butler. Heads up, gentlemen. [Well Spent]

William Faulkner’s Mint Julep Cup: Drinking and writing stories from William Faulkner. (He was pretty great at both.) As a bonus, you’ll see his personal julep cup. [Open Culture]

The Book Life: ... and speaking of Faulkner, here’s an essay on the sudden influx of books at menswear shops. (Good news, by our lights.) [Paris Review]

Law & Order: A photoset of New York City cops in the ’70s—some of whom are snappy dressers. [Daily Mail]

Hipster Cops and the Serpico Effect

Thus far, we haven’t had much to say about Occupy Wall Street, but we may have finally found an angle we can sink our teeth into.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Rick, photographed on duty at Zuccotti Park. Rick is a cop. Rick is also a snappy dresser—at least by the standards of municipal employees. And for some reason, the confluence of those two facts has given us hope in these crazy, Occupied times.

Allow us to explain...»

Locked Down


Apparently Shepard Fairey has been busier than we thought. Not 24 hours after the AP took aim at him, the Boston police got in on the action at a local event honoring the storied graffiti artist and hauled off to the slammer for a few outstanding vandalism warrants.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Mr. Fairey has run afoul of the boys in blue, but it’s the first time it’s happened since he had any serious clout behind his name, and it’s hard to think of better outsider cred than getting arrested at your own gallery party.

In other words, despite what it looks like, we would say Shep’s having a very good week.

Gumshoe Style, Abboud Branches Out and Buried in Beer


Long, Strange Trip: Our beloved Keef gets the weepy video treatment. [FashionIndie]

Watching the Detectives: In the In the Criminal Justice System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the tailors who dress them. These are their stories. [New York Times]

The Wright Stuff: This Grandpa Simpson mash-up is about as close as we want to get to national politics these days. []

Abboud Face: Meet Joseph Abboud's newest label, Black/Brown 1826. [DNR]

Sensible Shoes: Armand Limnander's picks for socially acceptable sneakers. [The Moment]

The Gospel According to Paul: Loden Dager designer shares his theories on manhood. [Dejour]

Heresy!: Tim Gunn tears apart the new Polgymaist chic—not like he wasn't going to hell anyways. [AOL]

Pabst Can Coffin: And now we can die. [HuffPo]

Up for Auction, Extra Padding and Blissfully Unaware


Banging the Gavel: With the recent sale of Carla Bruni nudes and the new offering of this Michael Comte Gisele shot, it's clear that British auction houses are becoming the place for top-drawer spank fodder. [Vogue UK]

Penny Pusher: Every time blue-eyed, honey-blond men's fashion blogger Amanda Brooks writes a tribute to a male dress staple, we fall a little harder. [Men's Vogue]

More Cushion for the Pushin': If you're using padded underwear to get laid, there's really nothing we, or anyone else, can do for you. [NYMag]

Supercops: English bobbies may soon have cool designer capes. Maybe it would be cooler if the government gave them firearms, but what can you do? [BBC]

Big Bubba: Bill Clinton uses big fat, dies to distract the eye from his big, fat mouth. [HuffPo]

Stupid is as Stupid Does: England's premier scientific journal, The Sun reveals that the more educated a woman is, the harder it is to satisfy her sexually. Well, duh. [The Sun]

Preppy is as Preppy Does:Brooks Brothers debuts their Black Fleece collection. [Luxist]